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xFi Advanced Gateway reaches all Comcast Gigabit markets

XFi Advanced Gateway from Comcast is now available in all Gigabit Internet markets from service providers, providing those customers with a new way to get Gigabit speeds over Wi-Fi. Comcast boasts that its xFi Advanced Gateway offers its most advanced WiFi technology, providing subscribers with super-fast wireless speeds, capable of handling all the demands of a connected home.

Comcast notes that consumers still do not have access to market IoT devices that support Gigabit speeds, but that does not mean they are not inbound. Anyway, modern houses increasingly connected, with devices that cover all categories that use the Internet, will benefit from such fast Wi-Fi speeds.

The xFi Advanced Gateway features an 8 × 8 antenna capable of 160Mhz, Multi-user, Multi-input technology, Multi-output (Mu-MiMo), and what Comcast describes as a set of "specialized radios of Internet of Things. " The xFi in its name refers to the use of Comcast's "WiFi experience" xFi.

xFi, users get access to a simplified digital dashboard to view devices on the network, configure WiFi, use parental controls, pause Internet access (to prevent children from getting on for a while, for example), and more. Setting everything up is so simple that anyone can do it, and involves scanning a QR code inside the xFi application.

The skills go beyond what most people are used to. For example, the owners of xFi Advanced Gateway can configure each person in the house a different profile, as well as choose which devices can connect to the WiFi network and restrict access at certain times if necessary. If you are already a customer of Comcast's fastest Internet plans (ie, you plan 300Mbps and more), you can now get the Advanced Gateway.

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