Xenoblade Chronicles 2 sells out in Japan following Pyra and Mythra Smash announcement


Could Xenoblade Chronicles 2 finally get the hype it deserves? With just over 2 million sales worldwide since its launch in 2017, let’s take Breath of the Wild’s 23 million sales for comparison, it’s still the best-selling Xenoblade game at roughly half a million.

Following the announcement that Pyra and Mythra will be added to the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster, people were quick to see the girls (or, er, girl) in action. As a result, copies of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 are out of stock on Amazon Japan, and the US version on Amazon is also selling out.

One could argue that this was Nintendo’s plan from the beginning: Smash Bros. has the power to revitalize a decaying series or draw attention to an underrated one. Perhaps, however, Nintendo is simply setting the stage for an entirely new Xenoblade game, or a Switch port of Xenoblade Chronicles X. We can wait, can’t we?

Are you a fan of Xenoblade? Leave your thoughts on what this all means in the comments.


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