Xbox makes 3 more games free to play for the weekend

Three more Xbox One games are free to play for the weekend as long as you have an Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass final membership. Three games available later this week are available as part of the recurring Free Play Days promotion Two point hospital, dissolution, And Rocket Arena. Just like Microsoft does with its Free Play Days games every weekend, you won’t be free to keep the three games available for the next few days, but you can buy them at a discounted price if you’re on it for so long . Do it in free time.

Whether you are running a hospital or isolating your enemies, you can present all three games from now until August 2. Below is an overview of the three free games and how much they will cost on taking the standard version or something different if you discount.

“Build, Treat, and Improve!” Design stunning hospitals, decorate them to your liking, treat very uncommon ailments and manage troublesome staff to spread your budding healthcare organization across two staff counties, ”a preview of the game.

  • Standard Edition – $ 23.99

“Set on Earth in the near future, the only hope for human existence is through integration, a process developed to preserve the human mind in the robot arsenal,” said a preview of the game. “You play as Romer Schoell, a former pilot of Gravecycle under the command of a small resistance force who is still relying on fading memories of his human life. With overbearing Rayon forces set to obliterate the last remnants of human society, it is up to Romer and his crew of outlaws to fight back and recreate humanity. The pilot created a variety of armed graviceles and commanded his crew on the ground to master the unique unit capabilities and expertise of his own personal arsenal to dominate the battle. “

  • Standard Edition – $ 29.99

“Rockets rule in everything Rocket Arena, An explosive 3v3 shooter where you are never out of action, ”said a preview of the game. “Rule the arena and become a champion to master your hero’s unique rockets and abilities!” Try an ever growing roster of fantastic heroes with distinct powers. Discover new strategies and tactics based on your squad, view a variety of dynamic maps, and discover the true depth of rocket gameplay. Ready to fly? “

  • Standard Edition – $ 6
  • Myth version – $ 10

These three games will be free to play for the next few days, so be sure to check them out when they become available.

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