Xbox games with gold for March 2021 are a big step back

Xbox fans are unhappy about March 2021’s Games with Gold, given that next month’s roster is a big step back for Xbox Live Gold.

Among all the video game subscription services available on the market today, Microsoft’s Xbox Live Gold is often the most criticized by gamers due to the overall value it offers to gamers compared to its competitors. In 2020, Xbox gamers were more unhappy than not, with some thinking that Microsoft takes a “quantity over quality approach” to selecting the free games it offers on a monthly basis. This might have something to do with the value of Game Pass, but that’s neither here nor there for many subscribers.

In addition to the free monthly games, Xbox Live Gold also offers access to online multiplayer games. But when Microsoft recently announced that free online games no longer require an Xbox Live Gold subscription, many wondered if the service is still valuable. However, things improved when Microsoft unveiled the February Games with Gold list, which not only included heavyweight games, but also increased its list from four to five, with a title optimized for the Xbox Series X. Unfortunately, the same could not happen. Not to mention the March Xbox Games with Gold selection.

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No Series X Games

Xbox games backward compatible

When the February Gold Xbox Games were revealed, many believed that Microsoft was finally stepping up its strategy by bringing more quality games to its list. Some even thought that the standard set by Microsoft last month would be the beginning of Xbox Live Gold’s step in the right direction. Unfortunately, when the March games were revealed, many Xbox fans were disappointed once again, crushing all hopes that Microsoft is improving the service.

One of the biggest disappointments at March’s Games with Gold is the lack of an Xbox Series X game, or at least an Xbox One game optimized for Xbox Series X. To be fair, the full Xbox Series X games are still around. available. limited at the moment, given that the next-gen console launched last November. However, it is inevitable that gamers will compare Xbox Live Gold to Sony’s PS Plus, which has been offering PS5 games since the console’s launch. It’s a mystery why Microsoft decided to backtrack for the free games of March 2021, given that February included a total of five titles, including the Xbox Series X optimized version of Gears 5. The inconsistent variety of Xbox games with Gold is definitely a huge step back, especially now that more and more gamers are transitioning to Xbox Series X / S.

Lack of Heavy Hitter games

two gears running away from an energy blast

Another thing that disappointed Xbox fans with the March free games list is the quality of the titles, especially compared to last month’s games. Over the next month, Xbox Live Gold subscribers will get Warface: Breakout, VALA: Vicious Attack Flame Apocalypse, Metal Slug 3, Y Port Royale 3. While there is nothing wrong with these games, most of them could be considered niche titles and pale in comparison to last month’s Games with Gold which include Gears 5 Y Demonic resident.

At the time of writing, the announcement video posted by the official Xbox YouTube channel has more “Dislikes” than “Likes”, reflecting how players feel about next month’s Gold Games. . It remains to be seen how Microsoft reacts to this reaction, especially since the company just won the trust of its fanbase again with February’s Games with Gold. Of course, the big question now is what Microsoft intends to do with April’s free games. Will it maintain the standard set by the February Gold Games? Or will Microsoft revert to its “quantity over quality approach” that made Xbox fans question the value of Xbox Live Gold?

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