Xbox Games Announced with Gold Free Games for October 2020

Xbox games with Gold titles for October are definitely Halloween-themed, but most Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass customers may have heard of one of them, perhaps two.

That you know – 2010 Costume quest For Xbox 360, available free from October 16–31. And this is a sensible choice, basing its trick or treating and the fact that Microsoft now owns Double Fine Productions.

Don’t let others start with you Sphinx and Cursed Mummy, Which is apparently the Xbox version of the 2003 THQ children’s game. THQ Nordic revived that in 2017 from the back catalog for Windows PCs and last year for the Nintendo Switch. Sphinx and Cursed Mummy Available from 1–15 October.

For Xbox One, sit for two titles we’ve never written about. Slayaway Camp: Butcher’s Cut Available throughout the month. Welt Maid Available from 16 October to 15 November. Both are video games.

Three games of September with Gold Hall are still available until Wednesday: Tom clancy the division (Xbox one), Book written stories 2 (Xbox one), And armed and dangerous (Xbox One and Xbox 360).

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