Xbox Game Pass for PC will double in price soon

All good things must come to an end. Microsoft Has been confirmed PC version of Game Pass will cost soon $ 9.99 per month, Rather than $ 4.99 per month. We knew this price increase was coming: Game Pass for PC is technically in beta at the moment, and the Xbox website has long stated that $ 4.99 is a “limited time price”. The high entry cost will come into force on 17 September, the same day the service becomes “generally available” and sheds its beta label. The new pricing makes sense, given that the console version of Game Pass – which is functionally identical, but offers a twisted library – costs $ 9.99 per month at the moment.

Unlike the console version, however, Game Pass for PC will soon come with a basic EA Play subscription. That service typically costs $ 4.99 per month, which negatively negates the game rate price increase for Game PCs, provided you’re interested in a third-party publisher’s back list. Regardless, Game Pass for PC still sounds like a great deal. It is still a huge library, after all, every Xbox Game Studio title is included on its release day. If you have some extra cash to burn, Game Pass Ultimate, a $ 14.99 per month service that bundles consoles and PC offerings, plus EU Live Gold on console, EA Play and, starting September 15 Happening, xCloud game streaming android phone and tablet.