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Xavier-Cincy, the most fascinating rivalry of college hoops, ends with Cronin chasing the player


The noxious nature of Xavier's rivalry with the Cincinnati City foe found a new, myth-creating chapter on Saturday when Cincinnati coach Mick Cronin made a move toward Xavier's player, MacPra, after he finished his game. Xavier won an 89-76 victory at home.

Cronin had to be retained and two men quickly took him off the court and took him back to the locker room, one of them was Lamar Simpson, one of the three referees who officiated the game.

CBS Sports obtained the video (published above) of Cronin approaching Xavier's bench, courtesy of Mark Morse, a Xavier fan who attended. A separate angle of Cronin was posted on Twitter by another fan . It is an ugly aspect for any coach. In this case, it's something that will stick to Cronin's reputation in that city while he's with the Bearcats. Musketeers fans will never let him forget, just like Cincinnati fans will never stop screaming at Xavier fans how insufferable they think Macura is.

The confrontations between the coaches and the opposing players are badly seen, if not directly ridiculed, at all levels of sports. It is a line that should not be crossed. We seldom see the threat of a real physical confrontation, which is what made Saturday's turn even more shocking, especially given the recent history of this rivalry. It's not like this was the first explosive crash on the floor between Xavier and Cincy in decades. The fumes of the famous and infamous 2011 fight, which resulted in eight expulsions and that game was called with less than a minute remaining, are still detectable in Queen City.

On Saturday, Cronin said that the Macura F bombs raised the situation. He did not apologize for his actions.

"I had never had a child tell me" F off "three times," Cronin said in his post-game presser. "During the game and after the game, you know who I was, same guy, it's always every game, fifteen years I've been a head coach, five years with [Bob Huggins] two with Coach [Rick] Pitino, I've never seen anything like that" .

Cronin then dropped an appointment that would prompt Xavier's trainer, Chris Mack, to give an even more pbadionate press conference diatribe moments later.

"Where I come from, there's nothing to talk about," Cronin said. "If he was playing for me, he would not play, he would not play for me."

Mack strode into the press room and, despite declaring that Cronin v. Macura "is not going to be the narrative" of the game, however, he said this : "There are two sides to the story." There was a reason why his coach received a technical warning in the game. One reason for that, I know that reason because the officer said what happened, so I'm not going to have a narrative to be nothing more than us playing better than Cincinnati and beating Cincinnati today. "

A source told CBS Sports that Cronin was "profane" with Macura throughout the game. Cronin chose not to interact with Macura in the line of handshake, and when that happened, Macura yelled at Cronin, who bowed, turned and headed towards the often audacious senior, shouting at him as he approached.

In defense Macura's actions against Cronin, Mack made sure to refer to a match in the game he had with former Cincinnati player Lance Stephenson, who was coached by Cronin.

"Regarding & # 39; He would never play on my team & # 39 ;, I'll go back to 2009 and 2010 when I was the head coach and Lance Stephenson in front of me, right in front of me, called me N-word three times and said "F you", said Mack. "After the game, guess what I did?" I shook his hand, I gave him my hand, that's all, there's no narration, no narration, we won, a year ago, they kicked our bades, guess what Mack did, "We They kicked the bad, they shook our hands. I will answer questions about that, about the game. I will not answer any questions about him, she said, when there are two sides to the story. "

When Cronin was asked more comments about Macura, he stopped himself by providing more kibble from social networks and forums.

] "I thought it was very clear about that," he said. "I have nothing more to say. I was very clear with my statement. "

UNC-Duke is the greatest rivalry in college basketball, and Louisville-Kentucky could be its" best ", but Xavier-Cincinnati is undeniably the most volatile and vicious in college basketball. Dazzling temperament on each side, bragging rights within the city This season featured two top-five teams with Final Four aspirations Xavier and Cincinnati have never been as good as ever in the past five years, so is this tremendous or what?

Hate flows, and it's refreshing to see, coaches hate it, obviously, those who work directly or are affiliated with Xavier and Cincinnati can not be proud of what happened on Saturday. People have the right to resent, it is a natural response, but they are within the circle, from the perspective of a stranger, this is what college basketball could use most. interest. At a time when rivalry games seem increasingly difficult to follow each year, Xavier and Cincinnati give fans across the country compelling reasons to invest.

Please, let me be clear: Cronin and Macura deserve a reprimand. However, two reactions can happen at the same time. Let's not throw false indignation into the air. Macura and Cronin took this basically everything that could happen without crossing to the reprehensible. In the absence of physical altercations, this level of malice is good! Good sportsmanship should win, but not everyone should like others. Most fans will recognize that sports are better when genuine hate is injected and ordered by DNA. In general, it's the fan bases that provide all that. When you get players and coaches from each side, it's more interesting.

An official who has played Xavier-Cincinnati games told CBS Sports that it is "one of the toughest games to work in the country."

The best thing is that there are no discussions about putting this rivalry on hold. Macura will graduate this season. When watching the game on television, it was undeniable how great the surroundings of the Cintas Center were. This game deserves to take place in places within the campus.

On a personal level, Cronin needs to apologize. The fact that he did not do so at the press conference was surprising, but speaks of emotions still boiling. The fact that he clearly made moves towards Macura is amateur time, no matter what Macura said. As a coach, as a man over twice the age of Macura, you have to cuddle up and keep going to your wardrobe. But Macura is not to blame here. He is not afraid to say what he thinks and play the foil, but at a certain point it is enough. Take the victory and avoid talking to Cronin after he defeated him in the last game he will play against his team.

Afterwards, Macura picked up his phone and dropped a response from two emojis. Yes, it was with a smiling face.

Anyway, Mack did what a coach should do defending his player after an emotionally charged game.

"It's crazy," Mack said of Cronin's character badysis of Macura. "JP is my guy, JP will fight for every inch on the basketball court, he's a great kid, I'm not going to let anyone control the narrative about who they think JP Macura is, I'm at his side every day, a warrior. He is a great child, he does things the right way, he has made mistakes like all the children on his team and all the children on our team, and probably everyone who is here at the university. would play for me "I think that's really disrespectful. And that's why I said in 2009, 2010, that we handled it the way we thought was most appropriate. "

Mack, who also cited Cronin as a" friend "at his press conference, said he is open to talk about this and clear the air every time Cronin wants to talk.

One element that makes Xavier-Cincinnati so good is that schools are separated by three miles but they only get to play once a year because they do not share a conference I want these two to meet in a month More rivalries like this in college basketball, please Hate and hoops are a great combination, in scattered doses

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