XAU / USD pressured to break below $ 1,900

  • Gold slips open and catches attention from the 1900s onwards.
  • Coronovirus risks are weighing on market sentiment.

Despite a 0.20% decrease in the greenback on Friday, XAU / USD opened the week lower by some 0.10%.

With the election, the market is borderline and trendless and there is uncertainty in day-to-day prices.

A second wave of coronovirus momentum is also problematic for investor sentiment, although recent news of FDA approval for reedicivir indicated positive news as Johnson is likely to get Johnson’s trial back on track.

European nations are reporting record numbers of new coronavirus cases as the continent prepares for epidemics through winter.

The wave is forcing countries to implement sometimes more social-distilling rules in a bid to avoid the return of full-blown lockdowns.

Spain has declared a national emergency and imposed a nighttime curfew in an effort to help control a new surge in infection.

In Italy, new restrictions were announced over the weekend.

Upside down

Analysts say that “going forward, everyone’s eyes are firmly on the election, there is no need to look too far for the gold worm for new fiscal stimulus, which still keeps the balance of risks still precious Keeps tilted upside down in metals, ”analysts argued securities on TD.

” However, a possible blue wave boosts gold expectations sharply through a lower dollar, as more stimulus fuels as the global stimulus wave, upsides may take longer as it fuels bear bears in the Treasury curve Also connects to. ”

Gold technical analysis


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