“X-Men” Feature Appears on Its Rough Road

A new and lengthy feature piece published in THR went into making the first “X-Men” film twenty years before today, the film that helped usher in a new era of superhero films and made Bryan Singer’s career.

This piece in particular moves from the set of the first and second film to horror stories, with Singer’s behind-the-scenes scene going from one stunt mute to one cast muted, to the mess that is how the first film’s script I came? Together and drama that ensued there.

Reportedly, producer Tom DeSanto asked for a stunt scene on “X2” that someone might be injured by fearing DeSanto because Singer was apparently incapacitated. Singer continued shooting and produced an action scene without a stunt co-ordinator – resulting in a “split stunt” [Hugh] Jackman is bleeding on camera ”.

The next day when the studio “appeared with Singer” and Singer asked De Santo to return to L.A., most of the actors in full costume turned into Singer’s trailer and confronted him – threatening that if DiSanto left , Then a meeting in which the line “You can kiss my black ass” was apparently uttered from the famous Halle Berry.

Then there are the issues of the writer’s room. Ed Solomon, Christopher McQuarrie and Joss Whedon were brought in to work on the script, but Whaden’s two lines of work were tossed. Voice actor David Hatter was secretly brought in to write new scenes for the screenplay and eventually there were recognition and other issues that led to Hatter being the only screenplay credited by a story by Singer and Desanto – even McQuarrie And as Solomon “left” at least $ 1 million in residuals and credit bonuses the first year … it’s unheard of “says Hatter.

The report also sees studio execs and producers acknowledging that they have allowed Singer to work with the franchise, with several incidents of bad or erratic behavior with one: “His behavior was bad on film . We adjusted them in the first film, and so we can adjust them on the second film. and on and on. And this created a monster. “

For the full story, head to the Hollywood Reporter

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