Wyoming GOP stops Liz Cheney for impeachment vote

Wyoming Republican Party voted Congresswoman to vote Saturday Liz Cheney On his vote to impeach former President Trump. Third-ranked Rep. Cheney on Saturday said his vote for impeachment was “forced by the oath of the Constitution.”

The Wyoming GOP approved a censor proposal by a vote of 56 to 8.. The censor proposal states that the state party will not raise money for him in the future and will also ask that he repay the state party and any donations made by him in the 2020 campaign. County parties who request it.

“I am honored to represent the people of Wyoming in Congress and will always fight for the issues that mean the most to our state,” Cheney said in a statement on Saturday. “The most important of these is the defense of our Constitution and its independence is guaranteed.”

Cheney was one of 10 House Republicans who broke with the party and voted to impeach Mr. Trump on January 13 in the US Capitol on charges of inciting a rebellion. Mr. Trump’s test Will begin in the Senate on Tuesday.

The censor document states that Cheney voted for impeachment “despite the lack of any formal hearing, evidence being presented, witnesses being sworn in to testify, or the accused being questioned is.”

Mr. Trump won nearly 70% of Wyoming voters in November and Cheney is the only congressman from the state. The Republican Party accused him of not keeping in touch with the state’s voters. The proposal claimed to have changed its voter registration after the Republican Party left the state.

Several party members spoke out against the move to close Cheney. During Saturday’s meeting, Teton County Chairman Alex Muroms said the state party should oppose “this leftist trend of a canceled culture” on which we disagree and are trying to get rid of it. “Natron County Republican Party President Joseph McGinley criticized the state party’s recent decisions to block other state and county lawmakers, including myself.

With the US House still in session, Cheney did not attend the meeting. To note his absence he had an empty chair with his name on it, which McGinley said was “bad taste.”

“This is our only representative to the US House. And to tell someone how they voted doesn’t help in any way, shape or form. If we’re unhappy with the voting record, it’s in the primary. Resolves. Someone’s ability to represent the people of Wyoming is counter-productive, “McGinley told CBS News.

Cheney has also received a setback from National Republicans. earlier this week, Cheney survived by one vote 61 House Republicans voted to remove Cheney from his post and 145 voted to stay, with House Republicans removing him from his leadership position. The voting was done through secret ballot.

On January 28, Florida congressman Matt Getz held a rally in Wyoming, voting Cheney for impeachment and calling him a “Beltway bureaucrat fake cowgirl”.

Adam Brewster contributed reporting.