WWI Memorial in Kansas City vandalized with anti-voting graffiti

The National WWI Memorial Museum in Kansas City was found on election day with anti-voting graffiti.

The museum shared a photo on Twitter on the morning of 3 November. In red it was written “Don’t vote!” And “battle for revolution” scattered throughout the outside of the building.

An image of a hammer and sickle was also made on the building.

“We were stoned this morning. We are proud to be a polling place and voters condemn this attempt to intimidate. Our democracy is something that veterans of generations, including those in WWI, have defended. Have fought for. We hope you will vote today. & Made your voice heard, “read the tweet.

The museum is acting as a polling place during this year’s presidential election.

Since the incident this morning, the building’s walls have been cleaned and are no longer exhibiting graffiti.


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