WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Charlette Flair and Asuka vs Shaina Bussler and Nia Jax

At the Royal Rumble, the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions will face Shayna Bezler and Nia Jax in the rematch for the title of Charlate Flair and Asuka. Currently considering the individual issues of all four superstars, it is unclear which team will win.

At one time, it seemed almost incomprehensible that there is any Tanja who could unite the major combination of Bussler and Nia. That all changed in WWE TLC when Raw Women’s Champion Asuka revealed Charlotte Flair to claim gold as their surprise partner.

Since their heavy defeat, there have been more than a few marks of disagreement between Shaina and Nia, centered around their mutual desire to emerge victorious in this year’s Royal Rumble match and earn the rights at the main event WrestleMania.

Meanwhile, although Flair and Asuka’s partnership seems to be a lot more solid than their imminent Challengers, they will both face their own deviations at the Royal Rumble. The Queen has recently been with Lacey Evans on The Lady’s involvement with WWE Hall twice, Charlie’s father, Femur Ric Flair. And The Empress of Tomorrow has recently tampered with the darker side of Alexa Bliss, which gave the champion a non-title defeat blow.

Who will rise above their personal demons to leave the Royal Rumble with the WWE Women’s Tag Team Title? Find out this Sunday, live streaming at 7 ET / 4 PT on the award-winning WWE Network.

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