WWE Woken debut Matt Hardy survived the hype


  Matt Hardy arrives in the ring during the WWE show at the Zenith Arena on May 10, 2017 in Lille, northern France. / AFP PHOTO / PHILIPPE HUGUEN (Photo credit should read PHILIPPE HUGUEN / AFP / Getty Images)


Awake Matt Hardy, the WWE Universe knew he would come!

On Raw's Monday episode, Hardy interrupted the Bray Wyatt vignette with an updated version of Broken's character who gained so much notoriety in the fight world last year.

Although there will undoubtedly be changes in the trick that fight fans came to love in Impact Wrestling, the character of Woken Hardy has an interesting and appropriate start. Both Hardy and Wyatt need each other at this time.

Hardy used many of the phrases and gestures he used during the Great War and Final Elimination segments to satisfy the people who supported the trick during his initial execution. On the other hand, the subtle introduction of changes to Hardy's personality can continue to evolve over several weeks as the WWE Universe acclimates to the Awakened.

The Awakened character is based on Hardy's mental crisis, who can now talk to the other deities that once inhabited his body. With the need to suspend disbelief in full effect, the first perfect challenger is Wyatt.

For the past few years, Wyatt has been the character with supernatural aura, but has found his partner when it comes to Hardy. Just as fight fans saw the story between Wyatt and Orton, WWE's creativity can bring some strange ideas.

Add Hardy's contribution, and this program should be one of the highlights of the coming months.

The road to Royal Rumble is long and, in general, lacks sheltered canopies. With Hardy leaning on Wyatt to ensure that Woken's trick regains its prominence and Wyatt depending on Hardy to revitalize his stagnant character, Monday's segment on Raw was the ideal way to move this angle at a pace that can keep fans loyal. after a week for the foreseeable future.


Oh, consumer of terrestrial entities.

Our SOULS know each other by EONS, you just are not aware ….. STILL.

The Great War is upon us.

In addition to its imminent DELETION. https://t.co/mZQRIweJ8g

2017-12-5 03:54:14

Now that the Woken trick has been unleashed and the battle lines have been drawn against Wyatt, it is imperative to follow this the success of the week with an even more shocking moment on the December 11 episode of Raw.

WWE Creative should seek more information than ever from Hardy and Wyatt, who are two of the best to get the most out of their characters. Fans want to see more pre-recorded segments and off-site video packages used to establish who these men are and why they both break up in their own way.

While the two tricks are similar, they are also very different, leaving ample opportunities to build a story with dimensions and depth. This will not be a black and white program; Hardy vs. Wyatt will live in the gray area of ​​the fight.

As wrestling fans, Monday was a great start, but the level of anticipation has grown exponentially now that Woken Matt Hardy has revealed his status. The next few months will be extraordinarily delicious!

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