WWE Survivor Series 2017: Predicting Raw Roster for Men’s Elimination Match


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    Credit: WWE.com

    Raw will field a monstrous team of heavy hitters at WWE Survivor Series 2017.

    Kurt Angle will have no reason to be nervous about his chances against Team SmackDown at the Nov. 19 pay-per-view. The Raw general manager will have Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns at his side. He’ll have hosses and former champions on his squad.

    Raw commissioner Stephanie McMahon told Angle on Monday night that he would be the Raw’s captain at Survivor Series and his job would be on the line in the match.

    That leaves four spots open for Team Raw. And Angle has plenty of powerhouses to choose from.

    The following is a look at the most probable Survivor Series crew that the GM will bademble ahead of the PPV.

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    Credit: WWE.com

    A viral infection has kept Reigns out of action, but as soon as he’s healthy again, there’s no doubt he will charge back into the spotlight.

    There is no rising star WWE has been more committed to than Reigns. The company has made sure he’s in the main event as often as possible. That will continue come Nov. 19.

    And with his Shield brethren facing The Usos, The Big Dog will need a high-profile opportunity at the PPV.  WWE placed him on Team Raw last year and is sure to do so again. 

    From a kayfabe standpoint, there are plenty of reasons for Angle to select Reigns. He’s a former WWE champ and a Royal Rumble winner, and in 2013, The Big Dog eliminated four men on his own in a Survivor Series match.

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Finn Balor will shake off the effects of Kane’s latest attack to fight his way onto Team Raw.

    The Demon King is one of the brand’s most popular emerging talents. He’s a rockstar-cool performer with an electric offensive arsenal. WWE is going to make sure he’s front and center for his first Survivor Series. 

    Angle has good kayfabe reasons to take on Balor, too. The Irishman is the inaugural universal champion. And while he lost to Kane recently, he has recent victories over AJ Styles, Cesaro and Bray Wyatt on his resume.

    As a bonus, Balor has the ability to call on his demonic alter-ego should he want to get an extra edge over Team SmackDown.

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    Credit: WWE.com

    If you’re going into a fight, it’s best to be on the side that has the 6’8″, 385-pound behemoth.

    Strowman is a no-brainer addition to the Survivor Series team just as he was in 2016. He’s become Raw’s most compelling figure and the centerpiece of the brand. Showcasing him at the PPV is a must.

    The only reason Strowman wouldn’t be a part of Team Raw is that he could be busy seeking retribution in a match with Kane. But the Goliath can stomp on the man who shoved him into a garbage truck at TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs on Raw before the PPV. That’s where issued his vengeance against The Miz on Monday night.

    Angle may be afraid of Strowman, but he knows his chances greatly increase with The Monster Among Men at his side at Survivor Series. 

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Samoa Joe returned on Monday night and quickly went back to work smashing people under his feet. The Destroyer looked excellent in a dominant performance against Apollo Crews. A Survivor Series berth is likely to follow.

    Joe has been booked as a top-tier predator and championship contender. He’s taken down the likes of Reigns and Seth Rollins. 

    And WWE is going to want to highlight his return. Aligning him with Strowman, Angle, Balor and Reigns at one of the biggest shows of the year would do just that.

    Angle knows firsthand how dangerous Joe is. He’s sure to welcome him to Team Raw and then try to keep out of choking distance at the PPV.

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