WWE superstar Shane Helms argues that the ‘Justice League’ it’s better than Thor: Ragnarok & # 39;


By Matthew Mueller

With two superhero powers in theaters, opinions will be divided, but a former WWE superstar believes it's pretty unilateral.

Shane "Hurricane" Helms saw both in the theater and, according to his comments, seems to have awarded Justice League the clear victory. "Justice League> Thor: Ragnarok," said Helms.

This is the Internet, so it did not take long for someone to challenge him by saying "Justice League = Age of Ultron." I'm not sure if it was a compliment or a diss, but Helms had a different comparison.

"It was not better than Age of Ultron but waaay better than Ragnarok," said Helms. "That's *** was written for 3 years years without emotion, without substance, just ha ha, all the characters in the movie were Spider-Man."

It was not better than Age of Ultron, but better than Ragnarok. That shit was written for 3 year olds. No emotion, no substance, just ha-ha. All the characters in the movie were Spider-Man. https://t.co/W8nMdWjeza

– Hurricane Helms (@ShaneHelmsCom) November 23, 2017

Ragnarok relied heavily on humor, but Helms did not end his criticism.

"I saw the one of his 3 best friends" was killed and nobody cared, "said Helms." Thor barely recognizes Asgard's fall before Rockdude begins deciphering another lame joke. I was too hurried and they threw it at me "

Helms was not a fan of Skurge's" ShakeWeight "either." Also, I had a f [#19659012] ShakeWeight joke! That shit was fun for about 30 seconds in 2010. So lame, "Helms said.

Someone else agreed with Helms' badessment, and they added that they thought Ragnarok" tried too MANY to be a Guardians movie of the Galaxy. "Helms agreed and said," That's exactly what they tried to do. "

The comedic aspect of Ragnarok was one of his big positive points among most fans, but Helms Evidently, he is not a fan of Norse mythology in general.

"FYI: Thor is the Nordic Jesus and Ragnarok is his version of the Biblical Apocalypse," said Helms.

Thor: Ragnarok and Justice League are very different movies, despite being in the genre of superheroes.This being said, we are talking about Marvel and DC, for what compared them They are unavoidable.

You can judge both by yourself, since Justice League and Thor: Ragnarok are both in theaters now.

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