WWE SmackDown – Why, Belle, Why? Sasha Banks Attacked

After so many weeks of PPV on weekends, it’s hard to believe that I’m going to complete two days of wrestling this weekend. I do not know what I will do with me during that time. But before my big break, there’s still something WWE SmackDown Visiting him Welcome to part two of Bleeding Cool WWE SmackDown Report – We look so you don’t have to!

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WWE SmackDown Report for September 11, 2020 Part 2

Alison Ashton Reports from the backstage outside the trainer’s room, where he has learned Jeff hardy Dehydration leads to collapse. Oh God! Sheamus Steals Hardy’s urine to redeem his addiction, leaving Hardy dehydrated!

Aj styles Cuts a promo and runs. Hardy betrayed Styles to win the Intercontinental Championship, and now Sami zine Claiming to be the winner. Styles says he can beat Sami and Jeff and doesn’t care when and where. He will prove that AJ Styles is true, the one and only shampoo.

Michael Cole Shows Us a Recap of the SmackDown Tag Team Champions Cesàro And Nakamura Challenging Road profits For a match. Street profits from Cesaro and Nakamura’s arrival at Champions Lounge in SmackDown. They want “snacks”. They head to Cesaro and Nakamura’s popcorn. Cesaro says that they have the next match and there is no time for this nonsense. Angelo Dawkins says they will take care of the lounge. Nakamura warns them not to touch anything. As soon as they leave, Street Profit starts touching everything.

Lucha House Party Comes in the ring. Kalisto cut a promo about how proud his friends made out while he was in the group, but now he is back, and as leader, the title will soon be his. Gran Metallic and that god damn darling, Lince Dorado, don’t seem pleased with it. Sami goes to the room of Zayn Trainer and attacks Jeff Hardy and smack down Takes a commercial break. Then Kesaro and Nakamura come out, and this match may finally go on.

Lucha House Party vs Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura

  • Cesaro and Nakamura have a hand in this match …
  • … but then they see a huge party going on in the Champions Lounge, with a sprinkling of champagne everywhere.
  • Kalisto plays Nakamura while he is distracted and Lucha wins the House Party.

Belle It has been seen moving backstage with a steel chair in hand. We see a video repeating her vicious attack on Sasha Banks last week. Michael Cole wants to know: Why, Belle, why? Oh, Michael. Belle did not mess with Sasha. Sasha scares Sasha. smack down Takes a commercial break.

Kofi Kingston Lectures the children about Weeping, and then Lucha House arrives at the Champion Lounge to party with Party Street Profit and his friends. “After this Belle goes to the ring. Ooh, that must be good!

SmackDown Promo – Belle

Belle comes to the ring with a steel chair for protection. She goes to the ring and sits down. Belle says that everyone is asking how Sasha is doing and when she will return, but how does Belle feel? She asks if people think what she liked Sasha to do last week. Well, he did. Belle says that everyone wants answers, but she has questions. “Sasha, I know you’re watching. Do you think I’m some kind of idiot? Do you think I’m so naive that after all these years, I didn’t know what you were thinking?” , We have been through, who knows you better than me?

Sasha goes through their history and says that Sasha described her as her best friend but everyone was using her. And how does Belle know? Because Belle was using him. Belle used her every move, and thanks to that, she became Belle dos Straps, the first female Grand Slam winner, and the longest reigning SmackDown Women’s Champion. But after last week, Sasha is completely useless for him.

The noise of the fake mob is boiling like WWE crazy. Unlike the Roman rule Previously, the faces on the Thunderdome screen agreed with the noise of the fake mob. As Bailey is walking backwards, Nikki cross The number four contender comes out of the ring in a fatal four way. Belle attacks him, and SmackDown takes a commercial break.

Alexa Bliss And some officers do as Nikki Lacey Evans Makes its entrance. Lacey gets in a shaving match with Bliss after bouncing his ring gear over Nikki. Bliss is also in this match, as is Tamina Snuka, Which is also in the ring.

Alexa Bliss vs Nikki Cross vs Tamina Snuka vs Lacey Evans

  • Nikki Cross spins this match around the outside of the ring. Hey, she’s so Roman-like. Perhaps he was a great champion after all.
  • Cross eventually makes a comeback, and he and Alexa beat the heels.
  • But then Bliss gets an empty stare in his eye. He helps Lacey and Tamina cross with a diving crossbody and gives it to her sister Abigail! How fiery!
  • smack down Takes a commercial break, leaving us to point out the implications of all this.
  • During the break, Alexa Bliss apparently went backstage, leaving Evans and Tamina to battle outside in the ring.
  • As you would expect, these two entered a wrestling clinic. Even the computer-generated fake mob is steeped in silence.
  • But Nikki Cross recovers in time to break a pin by Lacey Evans.
  • Nikki has a good offense before finishing.
  • Evans hits Tamina with a Women’s Right and Krauss hits a neckbreaker on Evans. Evans gets out of the ring, and Tamin tries to hit a superkick on the Samoan drop and cross, but Cross dodges both and wins with a rollup.

It was an entertaining match. It had many different stages, and none of them were much longer, so it kept things interesting. It also had a decisive finish instead of screwjob or non-finish, which is the first time tonight. Baron corbin And Sheamus Tonight was seen talking about his match against Roman Rains and Je Yu Uso. SmackDown takes a commercial break.

Otis Comes into the ring with Tucker And his money in a bank money briefcase and lunchbox Blank grave Shines for WWE Battleground. Will there be meat based jokes tonight? You have to find out in our part three WWE SmackDown Report good!

This post is part of a multi-part series: WWE SmackDown Report for September 11, 2020.

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