WWE SmackDown results: winners, ratings, reaction and highlights of November 28


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    Credit: WWE.com

    Kevin Owens would fulfill his penance for interfering with Team SmackDown and for its cost against Team Raw in the Survivor series by facing the reality of a No Disqualification game against Randy Orton in the main event on Tuesday night.

    Worse yet, there was no safety blanket in the form of Sami Zayn to be found when Shane McMahon banned The Underdog from the Underground from ringside.

    Could The Prizefighter be able to overcome the insurmountable odds and challenge McMahon's revenge attempt once again or become the latest victim of the famous RKO?

    Newcomers Sarah Logan, Liv Morgan and Ruby Riott were in action as they battled champion Charlotte, Naomi and Natalya in a six-woman tag team match. After The Queen dethroned Nattie two weeks ago, would they coexist long enough to score a victory and teach a lesson to the NXT?

    WWE Champion AJ Styles faced The Singh Brothers in a Handicap game while The New Day fought Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable completed the night's content in the ring.

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    Shane McMahon was a little dismayed because SmackDown Live general manager Daniel Bryan did not fire Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn as he had instructed a week earlier and called the immensely popular authority figure to the circle square for the opening segment of the night.

    Bryan tried to justify the future employment of Owens and Zayn, to which McMahon lowered the list of crimes against the heels.

    Bryan claimed Owens and Zayn did what they did on behalf of the competition and grabbed the proverbial brbad ring. If they were fired, they would have ended up on Raw, argued Bryan.

    McMahon applauded Bryan in the main event of Randy Orton vs. Owens and added it, preventing Zayn from annulling and announcing the rules of No Disqualification.




    Forget about the announcement of the main event, this segment got an "A" rating because it planted the seeds for a great dissension between the commissioner and the general manager of SmackDown Live. [19659019] It's that kind of omen that makes it a more interesting show and the kind of stories that fans can invest in. Include Bryan, possibly the most beloved star of the so-called Reality Era, and have even more reasons for fans to be careful.

    A strong segment far beyond the continuation of the vendetta McMahon has against Owens and Zayn.

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    The New Day controlled the early pace of the match, frustrating Chad Gable until the former Olympian was able to knock down Xavier Woods and mark Shelton Benjamin at the trade break.

    The upstart tandem continued to control the action until Woods used his last ounce of energy to catch Gable with a missile dropkick. A hot tag for Kofi Kingston ignited the return of New Day. The former team champions eliminate Gable and Benjamin, allowing Woods to rise above the top rope and kill them at ringside.

    Back, New Day delivered a backbreaker / double stomp to score the victory.


    The new day defeated Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable




    It is practically impossible that New Day has a bad game these days, given its chemistry among them, Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable are strong enough to ensure a quality fight.

    ] That said, the match was too fast to reach its maximum potential, even with strong performances from all involved. Woods is discreet, while Kingston had a spark of late energy that really fueled the final moments.

    A quality match that did more to create a hunger for revenge than to satisfy fans.

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    The confrontation between The Bludgeon Brothers and The Hype Bros lasted just a few seconds when the tandem erased Zack Ryder, immobilizing him after a double chokeslam reminiscent of WCK's Kronik High Times.

    After the match, Dasha Fuentes interviewed Ryder, who was attacked and introduced by a frustrated Mojo Rawley. Andre's winner The Giant Memorial Battle Royal 2017 paid weeks of taunts by beating his mentor and tag teammate, punishing him despite an attempt by Charles Robinson to take out the star NXT.

    Rawley was intense and relentless as he unloaded his partner. Happy in his badault, he left the square circle, a stoic look on his face.


    The Bludgeon brothers defeated The Hype Bros




    Harper and Rowan are not only incredibly funny to see in this incarnation, the turn of the heel after the Match by Rawley was executed so excellently. Bret Hart would give him a solid 7/10.

    The change has lasted for weeks and culminated a break that really should have happened a month or more ago. [19659050] It should be interesting to see where Rawley goes like a heel. He was fantastic here, but his publicized character does not fit the role at all. Do you have a complete makeover or does WWE try to fit the proverbial square peg into the round hole, forcing something that will never work?

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    Credit: WWE.com

    The Singh brothers introduced the former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal before their scheduled Handicap match against new champion AJ Styles.

    Before the bell, The Maharaja attacked The Phenomenal One, hitting it on the ground with a chorus of boos. He threw it to the floor of the arena while the show headed to break up, creating questions about the state of the game.

    Behind the commercial, Sunil and Samir double teamed with Styles, working on the battered champion.

    Styles, predictably, fought back to combat and even caught Mahal with a kick in the face.

    The Phenomenal One thwarted Mahal's plan, delivering a Clash of Styles from the middle rope to one brother, to the other, and scored the pinfall victory.

    After the game, a disgruntled Mahal showed the hard love of The Singh Brothers, handing a Khallas to Sunil, then to Samir.


    AJ Styles defeated The Singh Brothers


    B +


    On a night of character development and reserve decisions that would dictate the direction of certain stars In the next weeks, the apparent division between Mahal and The Singh Brothers creates a scenario where Maharaja must now prove that he can win games and championships with Sunil and Samir by interfering in his name.

    On the surface, it seems that Mahal has lost an important part of his performance, but in reality, he will strengthen his credibility if he can enter the Night of the Champions on December 17 and win the title.

    If not, as is the case with any big heel, its legitimacy is questioned because it can not win on its own.

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    A week after Ruby Riott, Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan burst onto the scene, they joined forces to battle Charlotte, Naomi and Natalya in a Six-Woman Tag Team match.

    It's Ok, just moments for Natalya to leave her teammates, letting the female champion and her teammate manage on their own.

    The heels isolated Charlotte, heeding her and making sure she could not fight Naomi. [19659074] The action spilled out of the ring, where the heels configured the steps of the ring and sent Naomi to face them, causing the referee to call the coach.

    Charlotte, alone, suffered more pain and punishment from her opponents.

    Ultimately, group leader Riott scored the victory in Charlotte, while doctors immobilized Naomi and pulled her out of the ring.


    Sarah Logan, Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan defeated Charlotte, Naomi and Natalya




    This was a great way to put the new competitors more dangerous and indifferent Riott, Logan and Morgan were credible in their attack and the result was an attractive segment.

    Of course, everything was undone after the break when the commentators could not ignore the seriousness of the situation, but opted to connect the next episode of Total Divas .

    Still the game was a big part of the narrative that put the new trio, created a sense of danger and injected a freshness into the female division that desperately needed.

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Kevin Owens' trial day was on him on Tuesday when he came face to face with Randy Orton determined to avenge Team SmackDown's defeat at Survivor Series in a combat Without Disqualification.

    The Viper took the fight to Owens, hitting hard on the head and an early attempt at RKO, but The Prizefighter escaped. He did not escape, however, from Orton's punishing badault while the action spilled on the floor of the arena.

    Orton cursed Owens while erasing him with a Kendo stick, to the delight of the WWE Universe. He also drew blood from his opponent's arm while Owens shouted in agony. KO changed the tables in his favor, opportunistically catching his opponent with a kendo stick in his leg.

    A drop hit on the railing followed when Owens took control of the fight.

    He hit Orton with the kendo stick and delivered a big fool for the count of two.

    Owens continued to wear Orton, hitting him and keeping him on the ground. He tried to find the cannonball, but The Viper rolled out of the way and began to ride his return. He lifted Owens on the top rope and climbed into the superplex.

    Orton delivered the drape DDT, then a lateral suplex on the barricade, followed by another for the table to announce. Owens avoided an RKO by escaping among the fans. The fight spread to the ramp, where Zayn appeared and attacked La Víbora's leg with a steel chair, technically he did not break the rules because the fight was not technically at ringside.

    With Orton limping but not out of it, he delivered a DDT to Owens and prepared for the RKO. Unable to plant on his knee, Orton hesitated long enough for Owens to hand over a superkick and the frog splashed to score a close victory.


    Kevin Owens defeated Randy Orton




    This was a great and difficult fight in which Owens and Zayn added their heel to the cheater inside of the limits of the rules and beating the fan favorite of Orton. That kind of inheritance, in which the villains mock heroes and authority figures more, is even more effective in this day and age than the traditional villainy in which interference or oversold steals the faces of victories.

    Orton and Owens were badociated with brutal blows, leaving the impression that they really do not love each other. He joined the game and overcame the idea that Orton was really avenging the loss of Team SmackDown in Survivor Series.

    A perfect conclusion for a spectacular broadcast.

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