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WWE SmackDown results: winners, ratings, reaction and highlights of December 5

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    Credit: WWE.com

    WWE SmackDown spent the night adjusting, improving and playing with the Clash of Champions lineup. The brand made a series of major moves regarding pay-per-view on December 17 during its trip to San Diego.

    Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens are now on the card. They will face off against Randy Orton and any teammate he chooses.

    Rusev and Aiden English won a fight for the title on the PPV. The Riott Squad and other superstars of the women's division of the blue brand will surround the ring as lumberjacks during Charlotte Flair against Natalya.

    Tuesday's show did not offer big games, but it was a night full of transcendental moments. SmackDown left its audience with much to talk about and reformulated the Clash of Champions event for the better.

    Read on to see a full breakdown of the show's KO opening statement for the main event.

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    Owens claimed that he was a victim of a conspiracy perpetrated by the McMahons. He and Zayn recalled the history of the McMahon family fights with the fighters. KO then boasted of having beaten Orton last week.

    And after Zayn explained the loophole that exploded during Owens vs. Orton, The Viper attacked The Prizefighter.

    Shane McMahon came out to announce Zayn and Owens would face Orton and a partner of his choice in Clash of Champions. The commissioner also reserved a match between Zayn and Orton for later in the night where Owens would be handcuffed to the ring rope.

    Memorable Moments and Quotes

  • "Do not bother them, they do not matter." – Owens about the fans.
  • Owens makes fun of Shane McMahon's signature dance.
  • Orton hits RKO in Owens.




The opening segment crawled a bit. The act of Zayn in the heel is fun, but explaining the definition of ringside is far from the best way to prove it.

Owens' paranoid delusions have become repetitive. There have to be ways to mix how you make your points. Chris Jericho's trip to Washington in 1998 is a perfect example.

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Aiden English sang about the 12 days of Rusev. The New Day was interrupted before it could end, however.

    After struggling to raise Big E, the singer found himself being hit by the power plant and Kofi Kingston.

    The heels finally took over, slowing the fight and punishing Kingston. A flurry of Big E was not enough to change the fortunes of The New Day. Kingston took a fall from the top rope and a superkick in the mouth. Rusev immobilized him to write down the discomfort.

    WWE announced later that Rusev and the Englishman will now be part of the Clash of Champions title fight.


    Rusev and English win by pinfall.

    Memorable Moments and Quotes

  • Fans sing "Rusev Day!"
  • The New Day releases giant pancakes to the crowd.
  • English sings while holding Kingston on a chin.
  • Rusev throws Big E in the footsteps of the ring.


B +


Fun things from the heels. English and Rusev are becoming a pretty entertaining couple. And a victory here against the former champions makes them look dangerous.

El Nuevo Día will now head towards Clash of Champions with lingering doubts. It would be wise for WWE to play that in the game for the title of the PPV tag team.

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    In one segment, Mojo Rawley explained that he was the biggest star in The Hype Bros. He did not show any regret when turning on Zack Ryder.

    Soon after, Carmella, Lana and Tamina tried to persuade Daniel Bryan to give them a fight for the title. Riott Squadron also demanded a better deal from the general manager.

    Bryan announced that the six women would surround the ring during Flair vs. Natalya in a lumberjack fight.

    Memorable Moments and Quotes

  • Carmella calls the Money in the Bank contract "Frankie".
  • "It's dead weight." Rawley in Ryder.


C +


WWE tried to include several stories in the program here with quick segments.

Rawley seemed fine as a heel, but there was little to dissect. He only had a handful of lines. The real test will be how he sees himself exchanging verbal shots with a live enemy in the ring.

The Riott Squad and the rest of the division of women who work as lumberjacks is not the ideal use for anyone, but at least puts all those Superstars in the Clash of Champions stage. And the options of WWE Creative multiply with so many personalities hanging around the ring.

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    The Bludgeon Brothers ran over the jobbers. They played with them a little before taking Adam James to the canvas to finish things.


    Luke Harper and Erick Rowan win by pinfall.

    Memorable moments and quotes

  • Harper slaps Rowan.
  • "These two bad businesses and the injured people are your business". – Corey Graves.




The announcers interpreted how dominant and frightening these types are. Pumpkin promoted that idea. This type of beatings are not exactly exciting, but they help create an aura for the repackaged team.

And it's smart not to go through all the legitimate competition immediately.

So far, the restart of The Bludgeon Brothers has been a blow. The two thugs seem revived, and the division of the tag team has a powerful duo in their hands.

5 out of 7

    Backstage, Baron Corbin, Bobby Roode and Dolph Ziggler discussed their next game in the United States Championship.

    The Showoff sat in the commentary when Corbin and Roode collided. The holder of the EE. UU He hit Roode with his right hand.

    Ziggler intervened during the action and introduced the two competitors.


    The match ends in no-contest.

    Memorable Moments and Quotes

  • "Mathematically, your odds simply fell to zero." – Ziggler.
  • Roode and Corbin hit each other with simultaneous clotheslines.




The inclusion of Ziggler in the game for the title is disconcerting. Roode pushed him during his fight, which should have ended now. Ziggler has not won enough matches until late to win a championship opportunity either.

The fight of Roode and Corbin has no legs so far. This meeting did little to change that.

There is no story between them at this time, and the WWE has little time to move one before Clash of Champions.

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    Credit: WWE.com [19659100] Natalya and Lana watched from ringside as this fight developed.

    The power of Tamina earned her the early advantage over Flair. He kept the Queen in a slow fight.

    A superkick changed things in the manner of Flair, and the champion was able to quickly grab Figure-Eight to gain the victory.

    The area of ​​the ring was soon filled with people The Riott Squadron arrived. Tamina went after Sarah Logan while everyone else tried to calm the situation.


    Flair wins through the presentation.

    Memorable Moments and Quotes

  • Fans sing "We want Lana!"
  • "The Riott Squad is here for its feature film presentation." – Ruby Riott.
  • "No one is safe when it comes to a riot" to leave " -Liv Morgan.


C +


The chemistry of Flair and Tamina was Poor Tamina did not offer much in a bland combat.

The consequences were the most interesting part of the equation.

Although the microphone work of Liv Morgan and Logan was below the level here, the group seemed a great problem and a trio to keep in mind.They will probably be the main X factors in the title fight.His presence will cause the last Natalya-Flair to hit something new.

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Zayn and KO tried to plead for his departure from this stipulation, but to no avail Owens looked at the game from ringside, handcuffed to the bottom rope.

    Orton stalked Zayn in the ring and beat him mercilessly. [19659101] The Viper was distracted by KO's barking, opening the door so that Z Oh, come back. "The heel tried to use bolt cutters to free his friend, but it failed. However, Owens was able to free himself with the tools.

    Owens' interference was not enough to keep Orton down. He wrapped up Zayn for the victory.

    KO and Zayn attacked him after the bell. That is until Shinsuke Nakamura arrived. The former NXT champion cleaned up the scoundrels in the ring.

    McMahon revealed that he will be the guest referee during Owens and Zayn's PPV game. And if the heels lose, they will be dismissed from the company.


    Orton wins by pinfall.

    Memorable Moments and Quotes

  • Orton throws Zayn on the table to announce.
  • Zayn launches himself from a suplex that would have landed him at the table to announce.
  • "Where is your RKO now, Randy?" – Owens.
  • "We have a jailbreak!" -Orton.
  • Orton flats both Zayn and Owens with RKOs; Nakamura hits both men with Kinshasa.


B +


There goes the mystery. Surely it seems that Nakamura will join Orton in Clash of Champions. WWE sure did not wait long to reveal that.

And although the PPV label matches the standard TV rate, the additional stipulations make it significantly more important.

The angle of the handcuffs was a fun addition to the main event. He ended up allowing Zayn to look cunning when he once again discovered how to circumvent the rules. It is strange that it has not resulted in a victory, however.

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