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Roman Rains was relegated to the TLC for five days from the one-day match of The Year Candidate, limiting his Universal Championship against Kevin Owens: Tables, Ladders and Chairs, with The Head of the Table again inside the Steel Cage Defended against The Fighter.

Owens dropped Reigns with DDT and continued to hold the champion on the defensive with a cannon in the corner as Paul Heyman showed very real concern for the first time. Reigns turned the tide, countering a pop-up powerbomb attempt with a leg drop to a near fall.

Owens recovered and delivered a frog splash for two titles in the break.

Back from the timeout, Owens successfully executed the powerbomb, but yet another near-collapse as Riggs hit his shoulder with a mat on two. He overcame The Tribal Chief’s haggle and delivered a fisherman’s buster for another close two.

Reigns blocked a stunner and shook his challenger with a Superman Punch. Building for momentum for the first time in the match, Owens was followed by Reigns who played and applied the guillotine to the ropes. Owens, on the defensive, brought the head of the table down the throat under the top rope.

The rulers demanded Stunner but Owens caught him and dropped him with Stunner. He was kicked out twice, leaving the challenger wondering what he had to do to win the title.

After another break, Riggs lifted his knees, driving him into the Challenger’s back during a Swinton bomb attempt. Ruled with a spear, but Owens could not be held down. A scene of disbelief and suspicion painted the champion’s face as he proposed to open the door. The flexible babyface held her leg. The distraction allowed Owens to reach upstairs, grab the cage door and slam it into Reigns’ face.

Owens came within an inch of winning the title, but stayed momentarily to tackle Jae Uso. Reigns slowed his pace and delivered another Superman Punch. Owens responded with a second stunner. Uss locked Owens in the cage, which proved essential for the champion’s retention hurdles.

Reigns goes out of the cage, taunting his opponent, before reaching the floor for victory.


Ovens retained their title by defeating Owens




That reign and Owens changed this quality of the match to wrestling after about 24–48 hours when his TLC classic is a Christmas miracle.

It was another dramatic bit of business that left the viewer’s thinking, despite all prior assumptions, that Owens could pull out the win. The bumps were great, the near-falls were superb and the finish allowed Owens to maintain credibility while establishing Raj as a ruthless, relentless, but most importantly resourceful, heel champion.

Youso continues to take out his cousin, setting the table for some babyfaces and neutralizing him in a reigning Universal Championship wrestling effort.

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