WWE Raw Results, Recap, Grade: Retaliation interference in main event leads to chaotic ending

On a special edition of Raw that WWE promoted as “In Your Face,” Keith Lee was given a chance to potentially punch his ticket in his first main roster title match when he faced WWE in the Thunderdome The champion came from Drew McIntire. In the main event of the night, the two traveled all night before finally getting into the ring.

Instead of taking the biggest win of his career, Lee’s moment was stolen by vengeance. The group of masked invaders made their presence aware, both men being attacked before finally being confronted by The Hurt Business. At the end of the night, Lee and McIntire would stand by each other, although the issues between the two have not been clearly resolved.

Let’s now look at everything that happened on Monday night during this week’s edition of Raw.

Vengeance disrupts the main event

McIntire opened the show before hitting Randy Orton with three claymores last week and released to challenge him in a Clash of Champions ambulance match. Adam Pearce walked the entry ramp and announced that Orton could not be medically cleared to wrestle at the pay-per-view, adding that the evening match between Lee and McIntire meant There was added weight with a title shot by. In Clash if he wins. Lee came into the ring and shook McIntire’s hand, but did not let McIntyre go before pulling him in for a stardown. Lee later interrupts McIntire’s backstage interview, which leads to tension before McIntire pushes Lee and the security separates him.

Drew McIntire vs. Keith Lee did not end in a contest Attacked after vengeance. Prior to the match, it was confirmed that McIntire and Lee would meet in an ambulance match, with Orton not to be cleared for PPV. As expected, the fight was tough, big boys action. Lee brutally targeted McIntire’s fractured jaw throughout the match, but as things hit the final stretch, vengeance ran out and attacked both men. As the attack continued, Hurt Business’s music hit (see below for details of his turn to hire WWE security) and the group further charged and attacked despite being almost three-to-one. Lee and McIntire ended the situation as they simultaneously hit divers on everyone outside, standing tall as the show closed.

There is a strange failure in logic to make the show off-air with Rithenian members and prevent Lee and McIntire from taking off masks, but you have to keep the logic off for most of the retail storylines. The issues between Lee and McIntire were well-ramped through the show, although the idea of ​​a Lee vs. McIntire ambulance match made no real sense given the will for McIntire vs. Orton, while each being sent to the hospital. having had. Rivalry. The real winner in the final stretch was The Hurt Business, with the group feeling great as they were jeopardized in an old Western film moments after preparing to go against the odds. grade B-

Sath Rawlins defeated Dominic Mysterio in the cage

Before the match, Rawlins spoke with Murphy backstage, and asked if he was ready for his important role during the match. After Murphy said yes, Rawlins grabbed her by the throat and threw her into a locker. Murphy’s special role, he said, was to stay backstage and away from the match.

Sath Rawlins defeated Dominique Mysterio via pinfall In a Steel Cage match after two stumps. Murphy ran into the cage early for the match and locked a cedo stick for Rollins. Mysterio began to return, Ray Mysterio returned the favor, and locked his son in the cage. As Dominic was climbing towards the open cage door, Ray tried to help him pull out, drawing on Murphy to pull Ray away. After attacking Ray, Murphy did not turn around before slamming the cage door, accidentally slamming it onto Rollins. The action would continue until the Rawlins won two consecutive stomps. After the match, Rawlins attacked Murphy, asking that when he was going to learn to listen before closing the cage door, he got paid back for an earlier mistake.

Rawlins’ attack on Murphy, both verbal backstage and after the physical match, felt really intense. An event between the two can be explosive and full of great moments. The Cage match was perfectly fine, and Dominic has proved more than capable of keeping his side of the match, but the sooner he moves on to something else he can show what he can do without pairing with Rollins. Could be, better. There was an interesting moment after Rawlins left the ring where Aaliyah Mysterio rushed down and checked on Murphy, which could be a teaser of the interesting changes to come. grade B

What else happened in WWE Raw?

  • Street profit (c) def. Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro (C) via pins After Angelo Dawkins gave Casaro the cash out. A very good champion vs. champion match that was well made to hit the finishing frog splash to win Dawkins’ surprise ending.

  • Andred and Angel Garza dispute backstage After an argument. After Zelina Vega yelled at the two that she could not take it anymore and stopped, Andred and Garza attacked each other.

  • Defeated Cedric Alexander. Ricochet through pinch After examining a lumbar. Before the match, Ricochet and the Apollo crew argued with Alexander last week to join The Heart Business. During the match, The Viking Raiders’ Eric ran into the ring and clashed in the evening after his match with Bobby Lashley.

  • Retaliation cut backstage promos. After the match between Alexander and Ricochet the lights went out and cut things into a vengeance promo, where he once again spoke of taking out the superstar, who sold his soul to the machine. Later in the night, MVP offered Hurt Business to work as WWE security to deal with the problem.

  • Raw women’s championship – Asuka (c) Diff. Mickey James via Referee Stoppage To retain the title. James made a spirited effort, giving Asuka a tough challenge from the opening bell and making several comebacks. Asuka was locked in an Asuka lock and James reversed into a pin, but the referee closed the match, saying that James could no longer compete instead of making the count. A very awkward ending to an otherwise very good match. After the match, Zelina Vega stepped into the ring and told Asuka that she was coming for the title before slapping the champion.

  • Bobby Lashley defeated Eric via submission After securing Hurt Lock. No repeat for Lashley after just a few minutes of action.

  • Bron Strowman made his Raw Underground debut. Strowman showed up backstage and demanded to go to the underground. He intervened in a fight between Riddick Moss and Dolph Ziggler. Titus O’Neill tried to fight Strowman but quickly exited as Strowman dominated anyone and re-joined Ziggler and Moss as everyone stepped into the ring. In the end, Dabba-Cato stepped into the ring and Shane McMahon blocked him from fighting to finish the Raw Underground for the night.

  • Kevin Owens defeated. Alistair Black via Pinest After a stunner. Black held Owens before the match and dominated the match until the lights flickered, distracting Black and allowing Owens to hit Stunner for the win.

  • Defeated The Riot Squad. Natalya and Lana via Pinfall After Ruby, Rutty gives Lana a riot kick. After the match, Nia Jacob and Shayna Buszler – who were on commentary for the match – attacked Lana, helping her make it through the announcement table with The Riot Squad for their Clash of Champions title match.

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