WWE Raw Results, Recap, Grade: Major Title Changed Against Great Performance by Survivor Series

Ever since Randy Orton won the WWE Championship from Drew McIntire at Hell in a Cell, it seemed as if the clock was ticking on its run with the title. McIntire was focused on winning the belt, Brey Wyatt had Orton in his sights, and The Miz in Money in the Bank was a constant threat to cash in on the contract and steal the title. But on this week’s Raw, it was McIntire who ended the reigns by defeating Orton in a stunning main event to regain the title.

With the win, McIntire now advances to Survivor Series, where it will take on Sunday’s main event with Universal champion Roman Rains of SmackDown. Orton and The Miz can both play a factor when McIntire is confronted with “The Tribal Chief”.

CBS Sports was with you all night, telling you about the overnight action. Read on for everything you need to know about Raw’s Survivor Series Go-Home Show.

Drew McIntire wins the WWE Championship

McIntyre opened the show with an in-ring promo targeting Randy Orton and Roman Rains. He was interrupted by Orton on Tron, who spoke of having the highest fines and most suspended superstars in the locker, stating that he is still in WWE in spite of everyone because he is the greatest wrestler ever. After McIntire said he was going to put his foot through Orton’s head, The Miz and John Morrison were intercepted, stating that they would ring later in the night for the title match – And the Miz will be the person to win the title at the end of the night.

Defeated Brey Wyatt. The Miz via pinch After killing sister Abigail. In his first promo about Wyatt, a Miz line being “crazy and delusional crazy”, Wyatt posed for the match during the Final Fun House match. The Miz tried to apologize before the match, saying there was no good reason for the match to happen and instead find a peaceful solution, such as working together to take out Orton in the main event. Alexa Bliss came from behind and said, “He says no.” Nikki Cross then comes out and tells Bliss that she needs to release Wyatt, only to be slapped and attacked by Bliss. Morrison joined it several times on the outside, but in the end Alexa Bliss attacked Alexa Bliss while tumbling at ringside barbed. The Miz tried to capitalize on the distraction, but was effectively eliminated by Sister Abigail, effectively removing the Miz from the equation for the main event.

WWE Championship – defeated Drew McIntire. Randy Orton (c) via pinfall to win the title. The McIntire had a new entrance, going into the ring wearing the kilt and stumbling a huge earthen sword at the entrance – both of which were given to him the night before by Shimus, who said he would give them McIntire’s mother had inherited the family. McIntire quickly prevailed, forcing Orton to settle down and take a count of 10, but Adam Pearce said the match was no longer counted or disqualified. Orton rapidly brought a chair into the equation, and used the weapon. Orton would take shortcuts using the ring step and thumb on the eye as a McIntire on his steps. McIntire was able to hit Future Shock DDT for two counts and was then set to fall another table near the ring from the ring apron. After back-and-forth action, McIntire won the championship back by hitting Claymore.

The show as a whole was positioned with a tight focus on the main storyline, moving into Survivor Series with a little unnecessary fat around the edges. As the night progressed it felt like it was in a continuous build for the main ceremony. McIntire and Orton were then given the time of the match which could be mainly on almost any card. The only minor accident was Miz completely absent due to being ejected by Wyatt, who “if”? Realize that the opening was installed in the section. While grumbling about a short title reign for Orton, I suggest you look at the history of the NWA World Championships to realize that in the 70s and 80s, business people sometimes took a short time. Called for grade A

Survivor Series team issues continue

Asuka defeated Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke. Via Nia Jax, Shaina Basler and Lana Presents Asuka puts Lana in an Asuka lock. Before the match, Bassler and Jax told Lana – who was the one who requested the match – that he was not to tag under any circumstances. Busler stumps Arm to the ring at the start of the match. Besler locked Asuka in the Kirifuda clutch, but Lana tagged herself and hit a kick for a two count. Asuka then quickly locked Asuka for the finish. Certainly, this meant that Jack ended the match by putting Lana through the announce table with a Samoa drop. Later, Brooke was giving backstage updates on Rose’s health, was attacked by Raking and turned some equipment into a crate. Rose and Brooke were announced as Peyton Royce and Lacey Evans were announced as they were now unable to compete in Survivor Series.

Defeat of vengeance. Via Riddle, Keith Lee, Bron Strowman and Sheamus Pinfall When Mustafa Ali played Riddle. The match was put together by AJ Styles as part of an effort to build team chemistry, with some feeling that Ali might raise the issue, claiming that his group is not a collection of pawns and that Team Raw is different Will wait to see. Issues within Team Raw quickly surface with Strowman and Shimus before he turns into an argument with Styles over his claim to be the team’s captain. Lee gets a big bang after a hot tag, set to take over his team, but Shimus uses a blind tag to go into the ring, Strowman does the same a few seconds later and then Sheamus Stopped Strowman from hitting Powerslam. This led to an argument between the team, allowing Ali to roll the puzzle for the win.

Like the WWE title picture, everything was very tightly focused here throughout the night, but the changes in the women’s team made no sense until there were legitimate injuries in the play. It is believed that Rose was legally hurt last week, which would require Brooke to be removed from the match, as well as a tag team that would soon go after the title. The men’s team looked so dominating on paper that setting up issues among the members further was a very good move in the Survivor Series. grade B

What else happened in WWE Raw?

  • Raw Tag Team Championship – Overlooking the new day (c). Hurt Business via pinch to retain titles. It was a terrific tag match in which everyone was going full speed and some were getting very close to falling both ways, before Xavier Woods hit Shellbreak Benjamin to daybreak. Survivor series with SmackDown tag cements New Day for the match, chasing The Street Profits.
  • Jeff Hardy faces Ilais in the locker room Ellis had saved the backstage area featuring Hardy and “car posters” from Hardy and the car crash that took Elias out of action months earlier. Hardy insists that he has been proven innocent and has threatened to hit Elias with the car if he does not return.
  • Asuka had a backstage interview And said she wanted to beat SmackDown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks in Survivor Series.

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