WWE RAW results, recap, grade: Drew McIntire punishes Randy Orton, Mysterio family will get revenge

Randy Orton has brutally attacked someone in 2020 and everyone is on his bad side. In Monday’s edition of WWE Raw, the tables were changed, however, with WWE Champion Drew McIntire putting Orton on the defensive through a series of attacks that took place almost throughout the show.

After a series of Orton attacks, McIntire was left with a broken jaw and forced to be taken out of the area via ambulance a few weeks earlier, with McIntire following the Orton script on Monday. McIntire attacked Orton three times during the show, landing three claymores and apparently injuring Orton’s jaw while dropping “The Viper” from the arena in an ambulance.

CBS Sports stayed with you all night, bringing highlights, recaps and grades from Raw. Read on for all the details of WWE’s major television program.

Drew McIntire gets his payback

Orton re-opened the show to discuss being forced to confront Keith Lee, pointing out two crossed paths, with Lee more likely to kick in the head. Orton’s focus shifted to McIntire, pointing to his match at the Clash of Champions. if McIntire is able to be medically cleared. This means that, Orton said, if McIntire cannot defend the title, he should be handed the championship in pay-per-view. McIntire then showed up driving an ambulance and quickly beat Orton to lie down in the ring. McIntire faced off against WWE officials after the attack, when he had already come there to do so, which he agreed to leave. McIntire continued to find reasons he had not given up on the remainder of the show as Adam Pearce repeatedly tried to get him out of the building.

Defeated Randy Orton. Keith Lee through disqualification After a run by McIntire. Lee looked strong again for the match, but eventually succumbed to an RKO by Orton. As Orton was about to leave for the pin, McIntire ran and hit Claymore to dismiss Orton and disqualified him. Pearce told McIntyre on his way that he risked himself since he was medically cleared. Orton continued to sell an injured jaw as McIntire received revenge for his own fractured jaw. Later on the show, McIntire attacked the stage against Orton before delivering his third Claymore of the show, leading Orton out of the building in an ambulance.

There was no reason to rebook Orton vs. Lee. The match has already taken place twice in the past two weeks and Lee is being charged again for the “second man” position. Two of those three meetings ended the same way, although tonight’s match was left with the feeling that Lee was one of the cleanest losers after taking the RKO, one of WWE’s safest finishers. Some of the arguments at McIntyre are effectively replicating Orton’s attack on him, but it was not a spectacular journey through the show and largely “falls on the logic of WWE security. The completely average stuff that Orton’s tremendous 2020 or does not position Lee as a new force of justice. Grade: C +

Mysterious gets vengeance on Murphy

The Mysterio family was interviewed in the ring, with Ray stating that he had no timetable to recover from his triceps injury. As Dominic tries to speak about how to represent his family in WWE, Murphy interrupts on Tron. Murphy blames Mysterious for causing Seth Rollins – a man who picked him up when he was down – to bend his back. Murphy then issued a challenge to Dominic to upgrade his match for a street fight, which Dominic accepted.

Defeated Dominic Miserio. Murphy via oral submission After a series of KINDO stick shots. The Mysterio family was at ringside having Mendo sticks during the match. Murphy dominated the majority of the match, tearing Dominic apart with brutal chair shots with multiple arms. Murphy cuts off Dominic’s return attempt and ties him into the ropes before grabbing the Mendez stick, but Ray steals the stick. Murphy instead opted to go out and grab a table, but the Mysterio women released Dominique from the ropes, causing Dominique to hit a sunset flip bomb out of the ring and through a table. The Dominic, Ray and Mysterio women hit Murphy with an extended series of cando stick shots as he was tied in the ropes until Murpy left. The show came to an end as the Mysterio family continued Murphy with Mendy stick shots.

In a weak show, the ending was solid, with a happy moment for the Mysterio family. The lack of Rawlins left Murphy on an island and did something that would be beneficial to Rawlins and Murphy for months on end. Murphy being brutally performed by the Mysterious was a wonderful moment, even if it fell firmly into a long queue of matches seen in one form or another several times in recent weeks and months. grade B

What else happened in WWE Raw?

  • Hurt Business Defeat. Ricochet, Cedric Alexander and Apollo Crew Pinfall After Shelton Benjamin hit Pediert on crude. Hurt Business beat up a Custodian to say hello as he entered the arena and then attacked Alexander during his entry. During the match, Alexander attacked Ricochet and ejected the crew with a lumbar check. Alexander’s turn was too long and this whole angle needed to be refreshed.

  • There is a decrease in street profit. Andrade and Angel thunder via pinfall Montez Ford hits cash out on Andrade. Andred and Zelina Vega went from behind Garza during their entry, leaving Garza bowing to his team moments after the match started and profiting to win in less than two minutes. Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura then called the SmackDown tag an “attack”. Cesaro and Nakamura released a Champion vs. Champion challenge for next week’s Raw.

  • Defeated Peyton Royce. Billy’s through the drink After a corkscrew defeat. Royce embraced his former IIconics partner after winning. If there was any doubt of breaking the team, Royce had to give a run, it ended here. Not a strong match.

  • Defeated Asuka and Mickey James. Natalya and Lana posing through Asuka locks Lana into Asuka’s lock. James and Asuka steal the tag from each other through the match, but brutally bangs heads for an easy win.

  • Hurt Business Defeat. Ricochet, Apollo Crew and Viking Raiders. After Alexander appears in the VIP lounge to explain his turn, the Viking Raiders, Ricochet and crew are raced, leading the match. Alexander should have erased doubts about Shelton Benjamin’s own turn after leaving Ricochet on his head. Ricoche appeared to kick out on two to set up a completely unnecessary rematch. Ivar may have injured his hand to commit suicide, signaling during the match and present after his conclusion.

  • Kevin Owens and Alastair Black battled on Raw Underground, And instead of showing it as a whole it was spread over several volumes. Dabba-Kato drove both men out after colliding them in a really pathetic set in blocks, failing to achieve anything.

  • Defeated The Riot Squad. Shayna bezler via pinch After a roll-up. It was the first of two 2-on-1 handicap matches. Basler dominated until a surprise roll-up victory by Liz Morgan.

  • Retaliation interrupts The Jiat Squad vs. Nia Jux. In the middle of the match, the lights flickered before the retaliatory graphics showed on the Thunderdome screen. The group then cut a brief promo, lightly touching on their inspirations, stating that they were out to punish WWE for leaving them in a cold, brutal world and wanted to punish any superstars and fans that WWE Were selling