WWE Raw Result: Live Recap, Randy Orton Grades Keith Lee, Dominic Mysterio Takes Murphy

Things did not go the way of Randy Orton at SummerSlam when he lost his WWE Championship match to Drew McIntire. At Payback he was unable to improve the following weekend and Orton lost in a few minutes to Keith Lee with the new Raw. But Orton made an in-between statement, sending McIntire to the sideline, lbw three times in the same RAW.

After winning a one-shot rematch with McIntire last week on Raw, this week’s version of Raw poses a question: Can Randy Orton be stopped on his march to become world champion once again? Well, that task will once again be put on Lee’s shoulders as the duo will hit fours in their third match in as many weeks. Lee earned a convincing win at the payback, but Orton pushed the title back and forth to a new level of dastardly inspiration, this time with Lee’s future in jeopardy.

Below is a full preview of tonight’s episode of WWE Raw. CBS Sports will be with you all the way to provide updates and highlights below in the live application as soon as the show starts at 8 pm ET on Monday.

WWE RAW preview

  • Randy Orton vs Keith Lee
  • Dominic Miserio vs Murphy
  • Kevin Owens vs Alastair Black in Raw Underground