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– WWE RAW tonight opens with a retrospective look at WWE intercontinental champion Roman Reigns, who retained Elias last week and the subsequent attack on Samoa Joe's game.

– We are live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, while Michael Cole receives us. He is joined by Corey Graves and Hall of Famer WWE Booker T.

– We head to the ring and General Manager RAW Kurt Angle leaves as the "you suck" chants begin. Angle welcomes us and connects the title match of the RAW tag team tonight. Angle says that is not the only title fight for tonight as Roman Reigns will defend due to what happened last week. The music interrupts and Jason Jordan leaves.

Jordan says he wants Reigns tonight. Angle is not interested, mentioning how Jordan's knee is still bandaged. Jordan says he can handle it. He mentions guys like John Cena, Kane, Braun Strowman and The Miz, saying he stood firm with each of them. Fans give Jordan the "what?" next treatment. Jordan says that Reigns has issued Open Challenges for anyone who wants to take the title. Jordan says he's ready to take a step forward because he knows he can beat Reigns. You just need an opportunity, dad. The boos continue. The music comes and goes, the WWE Intercontinental Champion has a mixed reaction.

Reigns tells Angle that he is a wrestling champion and will tell Angle who he is fighting with, but he will not be his son. Reigns wants Samoa Joe. Reigns tells Jordan that if he wants an opportunity, do not run to his father because he's laughing at him. Reigns tells Jordan to get up and take it. Jordan asks Reigns if he is really going to give a lecture about the chances of winning. Jordan says that Reigns is the poster of what WWE management wants. They have a few words and face each other until the music arrives and Joe leaves.

Joe says that although he would love to sit on the back and see these two act tough, his patience has run out. Joe says that if Reigns condescends with the child, he accepts the challenge. And because he is sometimes merciful, he will give Reigns 5 seconds to withdraw his challenge and avoid embarrbadment because they know that Reigns can not beat Joe. Jordan laughs and turns to Joe, saying he does not have to come here to try to act harshly because, unlike Joe, it's really hard. As it does not have to go out and attack from behind, it issues challenges on people's faces. Just as he just challenged Reigns and just as if he was about to challenge Joe. Reigns tells Jordan to stay in his lane. Reigns turns his back on Joe and says the 5 seconds are over. Jordan comes from behind and throws Reigns on his head. Angulo pulls Jordan out of the ring and yells at him when Reigns stands up. Reigns says he's not going down like that. Reigns says Joe can wait until later tonight, but Jordan can get it right now. Reigns tells Angle to make the coincidence. Jordan returns to the ring and faces Reigns, since Angle keeps them separated. We are going to commercials.

WWE Intercontinental Title Match: Roman Reigns vs. Jason Jordan

Back from the break and the game is underway. Reigns takes Jordan to the corner and unloads. We see Joe watching the game from the stage. Jordan tries to mount an offensive but Reigns stops him. Jordan goes to the floor but follows Reigns. Reins turns Jordan around and throws him to the barrier while the referee counts.

Reigns continues to hit Jordan from the outside until they return, even sending him to the ring's steel steps. Jordan enters first and hits Reigns a few times while he returns. Reigns sends Jordan out of the ring and the referee counts. Queen with a Drive By on the floor. The beings reign in the ring for a count of 2. Reigns keeps Jordan down with a chin now, talking about garbage.

Jordan gets up and looks like he'll finally come back, ramming Reigns from corner to corner. Jordan keeps control with more shots in the corner. Jordan misses a spear in the corner, but Jordan answers Reigns just after that and sends him out of the ring. We return to the commercial with Jordan standing.

Back from the break and Jordan gets control of Reigns, keeping him on the ground with a support arm while Joe watches from the stage. Queens fights and offers a header. Reigns releases Jordan with one arm and hopes to return now. Jordan stumbles around the corner and Reigns unloads while fans count. Reigns releases Jordan with a big boot, but Jordan kicks him in.

Reigns goes for Superman Punch but Jordan jumps and kicks him. Jordan with a count of 2. Jordan lifts Reigns but reinitiates the fights, then hits Jordan to hit the ground. The referee counts. Jordan stands up, but Reigns runs and jumps off the steel steps for an attempt at Superman Punch. Jordan catches Reigns in the air and takes him to the ring post. Jordan loads and pushes Reigns back to the publication. Jordan brings him back to the ring for a close count of 2. More round-trip now, but Jordan maintains the momentum. Jordan throws Reigns back on his head and covers him for another close count of 2. Back to the commercial.

Back from the break and Reigns goes by the knee, dropping Jordan for a count of 2. Reigns continues to focus on the knee, applying a half crab in the middle of the ring now. Jordan tries to go by the ropes, but Reigns is readjusted. Jordan counteracts the hold and throws Reigns for a close count of 2. Queen with a Superman Punch for a close count of 2. We see how Jordan hurt his knee more during the break when the two fell to the ground. Reigns and Jordan get up at the same time now.

Reigns goes for a spear but Jordan hits him with the bad leg. Jordan with two suplexes of the aurora borealis, but queen is still cast. Faster forward and backward until Reigns hits a Superman Punch and a spear from nowhere to win.

Winner: Roman Reigns

– After the game, Reigns sits down and takes the title as we go to reps Joe takes the stage microphone and taunts Reigns for looking tired, saying such once Jordan exhausted him. Joe says he'll come to the ring to put Reigns to sleep. Joe runs and hits the ring, unloading on Reigns, who is still trying to recover from the fight. Joe applies Coquina Clutch but Jordan comes from behind and delivers a suplex. Jordan talks trash and tells Joe to bring it while Joe goes to the floor. Joe talks trash in Jordan and is enraged when a referee gets in his way. Reigns comes from behind and delivers a Superman Punch to Jordan, which takes him out of the ring. It sounds music hits while Joe teases him for putting him to sleep tonight. We're going to repeat again.

– Still to come, The Bar defends Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. We are going to commercials.

– Back from the break and Kurt Angle on the phone with RAW Commissioner Stephanie McMahon, saying he'll fix everything and have it under control. Jordan is in the room and demands another shot from Roman Reigns next week. Angle is not happy with him, saying he has no right to demand anything. Angle will consider giving Jordan a match with Samoa Joe. Jordan is going to leave but Joe comes running and leaves him outside. Joe turns on while teasing Angle, saying as father as son. Joe leaves while Angle helps Jordan.

– The announcers take us to a video pack about Paige, Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville from Absolution

Paige vs. Sasha Banks

We go to the ring and Paige leaves for her return with Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville. We are going to commercials.

Back from the break and RAW Women & # 39; s Champion Alexa Bliss is in the comment. Sasha Banks goes out with Bayley and Mickie James by her side. We see a recent Twitter drama between the two teams.

The bell rings and Paige looks down at Sasha, smiling at her with malice. Paige takes her time but they lock themselves and go to the ropes before breaking up. Paige slap Sasha. Sasha stabs her back. Paige takes control and offers a header. Sasha ends up knocking Paige down and taking control while making fun of Paige. Sasha throws Paige to the other side of the ring a few times. Sasha with footsteps in the corner now, then he hits while the referee warns him. Paige takes advantage and kicks Sasha in the stomach, then hits her on the mat. Paige with a knee in the face for a count of 2.

Paige keeps Sasha on the ground now. They get up and Paige throws Sasha across the ring to the corner this time. Paige puts Sasha's boots on while the referee warns her. Paige maintains control and hits Sasha in her face before applying a corner submission.

Paige breaks the hold and nails Sasha for a count of 2. Sasha tries to fight but Paige takes her back to the mat. Sasha ends up rolling Paige by a count of 2, but Paige comes back and pads her with a clothesline. Paige unloads in the corner while the referee warns him. Paige yells at him. Paige goes back to the corner. Sasha catches a kick and kicks Paige in the face. Sasha sends Paige flying with scissors. Paige throws Sasha to the apron, but Sasha covers her and goes to the top for a crossbody. Paige kicks at 2.

Sasha with her knees back now. Sasha with a submission to keep Paige now. The cellar is broken when Deville and Rose make fun of Sasha from outside. Paige ends up hitting Sasha with a double leg knockdown. Paige unloads on the carpet, but Sasha comes back right away. Sasha pulls Paige's face first. Paige and Sasha end up going to the floor while their clbadmates watch. We are going to commercials.

Back from rest and Paige has control. Sasha tries to fight but Paige maintains control. Paige makes fun of Sasha. Sasha finally builds momentum after making another comeback. Paige ends up going to the top but she loses time. Sasha goes up and exchanges shots. Sasha lands badly on her neck after a power pump flipped in the evening. Paige with a count of 2.

Paige gets up first but they exchange shots in the middle of the ring. Paige blocks the declaration of banks. Paige goes for the RamPaige but is blocked. Sasha with the declaration of the banks in the middle of the ring while the fans explode. Paige finally reaches the bottom rope and the hold breaks.

Paige rolls to the floor. The two sides face each other. Sasha and Paige return to the ring, but Rose and Deville defeated Bayley and Mickie on the floor while looking for Sasha's leg. This leads to Sasha being distracted by Rose and Deville. Paige drops it with a kick and hits RamPaige by the pin.

Winner: Paige

– After the match, Deville and Rose join Paige in the ring. They take Sasha out again when Bliss makes her exit to the back without getting involved. Absolution stands on Sasha while we go to reps.

– Kurt Angle is behind the scenes when Elias enters with his guitar. Elias wanted another chance for Roman Reigns tonight, but Angle gave his son the title shot. Elias says that the people of Los Angeles want to walk with Elias, but since he does not have a worthy opponent, all they will get is a concert. Elijah continues and warns Angle about his bias towards his bastard son. Angle tells Elias to go and do his concert, while Angle tries to find him as a worthy opponent.

– Still to come, The Bar defends. Also, a look at the consequences of Braun Strowman's attack on Kane last week. We go to the commercial.

– Back from the break and Cole takes us to a video about Kane vs. Braun Strowman.

– WWE cruiserweight champion Enzo Amore with The Tren Zo: Drew Gulak, Tony Nese, Ariya Daivari and Noam Dar. Enzo says that Gulak and Nese will take better advantage of this opportunity tonight. He hits Dar and Daivari for losing last week. He says they have to do better because they represent him. He continues and says that what they do not do is lose twice. He orders them to leave to do the work. Enzo turns around and Nia Jax is standing there smiling at him. Nia asks Enzo how he is and leaves after flirting a little with him. We go to the commercial.

Tony Nese vs. Drew Gulak vs. Mustafa Ali vs. Cedric Alexander

Back from the break and Cedric Alexander leaves while Mustafa Ali, Drew Gulak and Tony Nese wait in the ring. The winner of this match will face Rich Swann next week to become the new # 1 contender for Enzo.

The bell rings and Nese attacks Ali while Gulak attacks Cedric. Cedric and Ali end up doing it after sending the members of The Zo Train to the floor. Ali and Cedric exchange movements and increase at the same time. Cedric finally takes Gulak and Nese with a big dive on the floor. Cedric returns to the ring and takes control of Gulak now. Nese returns to the ring and helps Gulak beat Cedric on the corner.

Gulak and Nese maintain control of Cedric while Gulak shouts that this is a non-flight zone. Gulak and Nese argue. Ali comes from the upper rope and knocks them down. Ali goes for a few tries but can not get the victory. Gulak and Nese double team Ali in the corner now. Ali returns against both, but they continue to double team with him. Cedric returns and unloads in Gulak. Alexander drops Gulak by a close count of 2 while Nese breaks it. Nese pulls Cedric and sends him to the apron. Ali takes Nese out. Gulak takes Ali out. Cedric trampolines and knocks down Gulak. The fans appear while we go to the commercial with the 4 cruises below.

Later and back after the break. Cedric and Gulak go on that. Cedric drops Gulak with a great movement of the ropes, but Ali breaks the pin. Ali and Cedric argue before going to that. Rich Swann was looking back. Nese tries with Cedric now. Ali and Cedric team up to eliminate Nese with a double superkick. Ali and Cedric do it again in the middle of the ring now.

Cedric gets the advantage but Ali stuns him with a shot in the face. Cedric catches Ali out of nowhere and drops him by a close count of 2 while Nese breaks it just in time. Ali decorates Nese and goes to the top, but overcomes the top rope. Alexander is sent to the platform by Nese but pushes Nese with a right. Nese with a palm hit rolling while Cedric is up and Ali is still crotch on top. Nese goes up but Cedric fights him. Nese is hit on the rug by Cedric. Ali moves to the top and sticks a large Spanish Fly trampoline to Cedric. The crowd appears in a big way. Ali covers a count of 2 while Gulak breaks the brooch.

Fans sing "this is amazing" now. Ali and Gulak get up slowly. Gulak with a Jawbreaker. Gulak goes for a suplex but is blocked twice. Gulak unloads but Ali lands on his feet. More round trip between the two. Ali drops Gulak in the corner and climbs to the top. Nese pulls Gulak to the floor to be safe. Nese kneels Ali in the head while he is up. Cedric ends up hitting a Lumbar Check in Nese, sending him to the floor. Cedric also leaves Ali in the middle of the ring. Gulak comes running and takes Cedric with one knee. Gulak covers Ali and steals the victory to advance to the RAW the following week.

Winner: Drew Gulak

– After the game, Gulak celebrates while we go to reps. Gulak vs. Swann is now ready for last week with the RAW winner against Enzo the following week. Charly Caruso enters the ring and interviews Gulak, asking if he is in conflict about the possibility of facing the leader of The Zo Train. Gulak calls it a strong question that can only be answered in a forceful way as his … PowerPoint presentation. Graves says that we are out of time and we will not be able to see the presentation. It seems that this can go on the air during the commercial.

– We see Elias walking behind the scenes. Cole takes us to a preview for the Total Divas episode on Wednesday with Lana and Rusev. Back to the commercial.

– Back from the break and Elias is in the ring with his guitar. He begins his last song and takes pictures in Los Angeles. Elias continues and the music interrupts when Braun Strowman goes on sale.

Braun attacks Elias and gets the best of him, unloading in the ring. Elijah ends up on the floor and Braun follows him. There is an accountant while directing Braun to the ring post. Elias comes from behind and hits his guitar on Braun's back, but does nothing. Braun throws Elias out. They return and Braun takes Elias out for a great powerslam in the race. Fans appear when Braun goes to the floor and separates the steel steps from the ring. Braun returns to the ring to continue the badault on Elias, but Kane's music plays when the lights go out.

Kane appears on the big screen taunts Braun, accusing him of forgetting what it is to be a monster among men. Kane continues and says that maybe Braun will remember next week while they face each other in the ring. Kane says they will climb into the abyss next week, but only one monster will come out. Kane laughs when Braun watches from the ring blowing smoke.

– We see what happened tonight with Joe, Jordan and Reigns.

– The Shield is behind the scenes. Reigns says he did his part tonight and now it's time for Rollins and Ambrose to do their thing. Rollins says it's just them and The Bar, and they always do the job when it's them and The Bar. Ambrose is surprised that the rematch is tonight after being away for a week on his honeymoon in Hawaii. Rollins asks if Ambrose has been using his cell phone and says that Ambrose does not use the Internet. Rollins and Ambrose hope to enter tonight's game.

– Still to come, Asuka will be in action. Back to the commercial.

– Back from the break and Cole connects John Cena's appearance on Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday night and the appearance of the "Today" show on Thursday to promote the new animated film Ferdinand.

[19659005] Asuka vs. Alicia Fox

Back from the break and Asuka leaves. Alicia Fox is next.

We received a video from Fox's sidebar talking about how she is not Dana Brooke and is about to break Asuka's unbeaten streak. The bell rings and Fox attacks first and takes control. Asuka makes a comeback from the beginning and hits the Hip Attack. Asuka with more offense until Fox hits her with more kicks.

Fox bothered Asuka with a few disrespectful shots. Asuka comes back and hits a kick of the ropes. Asuka ends up kicking Fox after blocking the scissor kick. Asuka continues and takes Fox to the armbar for victory.

Winner: Asuka

– After the game, Asuka stands up while playing her music. Paige's music plays and goes out with Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville. Absolution once again surrounds Asuka while she is in the ring, watching her. Asuka leaves the ring without a fight, just like last week. Asuka smiles as she backs up the ramp. Paige takes the microphone and goes to Fox, telling him to relax. Paige enters the ring and says from the bottom of her heart, that she is not here to hurt Foxy. Paige says that Fox is actually her friend and the only one she liked a year ago. Paige says that Fox is her best friend and that she loves Fox. Paige loves Fox, she just does not believe that Sonya and Mandy feel the same way. Paige watches them both and now they enter the ring with Paige and Fox. Fox starts to fight while Mandy and Sonya attack her. Paige, look. Sonya bads Fox in a kick from Mandy. Deville the plant with a big knee afterwards. Absolution stands up when Paige takes a step on Fox. Paige screams that they are Absolution while their music hits while they stand with their arms raised.

– Finn Balor is walking behind the stage. We go to the commercial.

– Back from the break and Cole shows us a preview and behind the scenes of the movie of the American chain "Psych", which airs this Thursday and has appearances by John Cena and SmackDown Women & # 39; s Champion Charlotte Flair

Finn Balor against Bo Dallas

We go to the ring and Finn Balor leaves. Bo Dallas goes out with Curtis Axel.

Bo ends up turning it over and takes control after outside interference. Bo works around Balor and talks a little trash while Axel looks at him with his collar. Bo with a kick in the stomach and a big blow to the knee for another count of 2. Dallas keeps Balor punished while the fans try to join Balor.

Balor fights, but Dallas hits him again against the canvas. Bo stomps on Balor and drops one knee to try another pin. Bo keeps Balor punished with another submission in the arm. Dallas sends Balor to the corner but he runs into a starter. Balor begins to build momentum and nails the double footprint while Bo is on the mat. More round trip. Balor with more offensive and a Slingblade while the return continues. Balor with a big dropkick in the corner.

Balor climbs to the top while Dallas is down in the middle of the ring. Balor gets a great Coup de Grace for the victory.

Winner: Finn Balor

– After the match, Balor stands up when JoJo makes the announcement. We go to the repetitions.

– We see how The New Day helped The Bar win the RAW label team titles of Ambrose & Rollins last month. Still to come, Rollins and Ambrose get their revenge. Also, a look at the awakening of Matt Hardy. We are going to commercials.

– Back from the break and the announcers show us the collapse following Matt Hardy's game after last week's loss to Bray Wyatt. We also see some of Hardy's strange "awakened" tweets. The graphics flicker and we cut Bray Wyatt backstage. Wyatt asks who Matt Hardy is and says he knows, fans know, but Matt himself does not know. The video is interrupted by Matt, who has some "Roto" style words for Wyatt before the video reduces Wyatt. Wyatt calls Matt a coward and continues until the video boils down to "Woken" Matt. The video is cut and pulled back several more times. Matt says that thanks to the consumer of terrestrial entities, he has woken up. Wyatt says that last week was not Matt's break point, it was his. Wyatt actually feels alive again. His heart pumps and there is a fire inside him that will only get stronger. That fire will not cleanse you or save you, it will make sure that all of you burn. Matt says that Wyatt left him with no other option. Matt sentences Wyatt to … elimination! The video is cut once more when Wyatt laughs. Matt laughs. Wyatt laughs. This happens a couple of times more and ends with a strange Hardy. The fans are singing "Delete!" in the sand now that the announcers try to make sense of what we have just seen.

RAW Tag Team Title Match: Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose vs. Cesaro and Sheamus

We go to the ring and Seth Rollins leaves first for the main event tonight. Dean Ambrose joins him when 2/3 of The Shield plays the ring. Back to the commercial.

Back of the break and Kane vs. Strowman plus Gulak vs. Swann are confirmed for RAW next week in Cleveland. Back to the ring, RAW Tag Team Champions The Bar comes out. We received formal presentations of JoJo rings. We see Roman Reigns behind the scenes watching the game.

Cesaro starts with Ambrose and they change their possession. Sheamus with an early tag but Ambrose unloads on him. Ambrose goes for a label, but Cesaro removes Rollins from the apron. Sheamus leaves Ambrose with a clothesline and makes him work. Sheamus takes Ambrose to the corner and Rollins arrives for a double team. Fans sing "You look stupid" in Sheamus now. The Bar keeps Ambrose in his corner and makes it double team again. Sheamus runs over Ambrose with a running boot and keeps his boot when the referee warns him.

Sheamus takes Ambrose to the ropes while the referee warns him again. Cesaro receives a cheap opportunity. Sheamus knocks Ambrose down and keeps him punished while talking a little trash. Sheamus takes Ambrose to the corner and puts him upstairs. Ambrose goes out and rolls, marking Rollins. Rollins goes with Sheamus and dumps, hitting a Blockbuster from the corner. Rollins with a Slingblade for a count of 2. Sheamus throws Rollins to the apron, but Rollins ends up hitting Sheamus hard against the ground. Rollins leaves but has to fight against Cesaro, allowing Sheamus to come from behind and send Rollins face to face in the ring. We are going to commercials.

Back from the break and The Bar is still in control. Sheamus works with Rollins. Cesaro identifies himself and puts Rollins on his feet, stopping the label from Ambrose. Cesaro with a close count of 2. Sheamus re-tags and leaves the second string with a clothesline for a count of 2. Sheamus keeps Rollins punished now with an arm submission.

Rollins fights up and out, but Sheamus catches him for a backbreaker. Rollins counteracts it and drops Sheamus. Both are down now. More round trip between the two. Cesaro takes Ambrose from the platform with a cheap shot. Rollins tries to fight so much but falls into a big uppercut. Sheamus covers another close count of 2. Sheamus keeps Rollins punished again. Rollins struggles looking for a label, but Ambrose is still on the floor. Rollins finally nails a superkick that takes Sheamus out of the ring. Rollins is down while Cesaro checks Sheamus on the floor.

Ambrose makes his way back. Ambrose marks just like Cesaro and they try. Ambrose takes the top and pulls Cesaro on the top rope to the floor. Ambrose runs the ropes, but he has to stop and hit Sheamus out of the apron. Ambrose runs into Cesaro's uppercut. Cesaro climbs to the top for a crossbody but Ambrose rolls for a count of 2. Cesaro with a Cesaro Swing does not, but Ambrose counteracts him and immobilizes Cesaro for 2. Ambrose fails in Dirty Deeds and avoids a Brogue Kick, then sends Sheamus to the ground. Ambrose with another count of 2. Sheamus with a big knee in Ambrose's face, while Cesaro has the referee distracted. Ambrose still kicks 2. Some fans sing "this is amazing" now.

The Bar tries to double team with Ambrose with a super power bomb, but Ambrose rejects them and sends Cesaro on the tourniquet. Rollins is labeled and goes up for a great superplex in Sheamus. Rollins rolls and hits a Falcon Arrow for a close count of 2 while Cesaro breaks the pin. Cesaro and Rollins go on that. A neutralizer is blocked. Rollins with a big forearm. Cesaro counteracts and hits a big uppercut. Cesaro goes through the Neutralizer but is blocked. Rollins drops Cesaro with a knee in the face. Rollins with a count of 2 as Sheamus breaks the pin. Sheamus unloads Rollins with stomps while the referee warns him. Ambrose tries to run into the ring, but Sheamus knees him in the face. Sheamus tramples Rollins again. The referee tries to make him stop but he will not. The referee calls the match.

Winners by DQ: Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose

– After the game, JoJo makes the announcement while The Bar stands firm and regains its titles. Sheamus is all smiles. Kurt Angle appears and says that they are not leaving so easily. It will give them the opportunity to show that they are really The Bar. The game restarts as a No DQ match. It's true, it's damn true.

Without DQ Match for the RAW tag Team title: Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose vs. The Bar

Rollins and Ambrose go immediately after The Bar and take control. Cesaro attacks Ambrose as they return to the ring, but Ambrose hits the large drying rack that comes back. Rollins drops the covers of Cesaro and Ambrose for a close count of 2. Ambrose and Rollins can not believe it.

Rollins and Ambrose wait for Cesaro to get up, but Samoa Joe plays the ring and takes out Ambrose and Rollins. Roman Reigns runs down and chases Joe from the ring. Joe runs through the crowd, but Reigns does not follow. Cesaro eats a Superman Punch by Reigns. Sheamus enters and his Brogue Lick in Ambrose. Sheamus badists Cesaro in Ambrose's coverage of the victory.

Winners: Sheamus and Cesaro

– After the game, The Bar takes the titles and goes with Joe through the crowd while playing the music. Reigns watches from the ring while Rollins and Ambrose recover. RAW leaves the air.

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