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It's a busy weekend for wrestling fans. On Saturday, both AEW and New Japan Pro Wrestling were featured in high-profile wrestling events, but the biggest show of the weekend is Extreme Rules of WWE. The pay-per-view, broadcast live by the WWE network, has a theme around hardcore games. That means there are no rules, and weapons are encouraged.

But there should also be a tremendous fight. AJ Styles vs. Ricochet for the US Championship UU., Aleister Black vs. Cesaro and Samoa Joe vs. Kofi Kingston for the WWE Championship, all have the potential to be featured matches.

In the main event, Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch will put their titles in play (Universal Championship and Raw Women's Championship, respectively) against Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans in a winning match for all. Elsewhere, The Undertaker will re-score with Roman Reigns against Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre.

We will be updating this page, once the main card begins, with summaries of all actions, segments, title changes, surprises, great memes and match ratings.

Braun Strowman beats Bobby Lashley

These two great companions begin to fight immediately, before the bell can ring. Strowman hits Lashley, who retires outside the ring. Strowman follows him, however, for his patented shoulder ram. Strowman runs the ring to generate momentum for another battering ram, but Lashley responds with a big spear.

Between this and The suicide lance from Lashley to Finn Balor at WrestleMania, we need to start an official Lashley vs. Lance competition Reigns

Lashley gets the "steel" steps and attacks them in Strowman. Lashley hits him with the steps again, and Strowman falls into the crowd. Lashley follows him, and hits him on the back with a chair. The two stumbled over the sand merchandise stands. They fight, and Strowman finally flatters Lashley at a merchandise stand. The advertisers play with the condition of Strowman, after he suffered an apocryphal spleen injury in Raw a few weeks ago.

These guys return to the crowd. Strowman uses a battering ram on his shoulder, but moments later Lashley leads Strowman through the barricade. Lashley is a phenomenon.

Lashley gives Strowman a ram in Strowman style to Strowman through the German bulletin board, and then dunks on the table over Strowman for a total of 9. Strowman stumbles into the crowd, and Lashley keeps jumping over him. of the barricade. Strowman catches him and throws him into the international announcer area. Bad time for teams that are not in English, right now. They fight a little more and get a slight chant "this is incredible".

They climb the stairs, and Lashley actually throws a "fan" at Strowman (definitely a plant). Strowman drives him away and hits Lashley with a chair. Strowman hits a Powerslam from a ledge through … a strange … box … thing? Braun Strowman is the last man standing.

Clbadification: 3 stars. Some cold places, but many average fights and a disappointing end. The crowd liked it, however.


Your winner


Bayley beats Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross

If Cross and Bliss win, they become SmackDown team champions. The story here is that Bliss is only using Cross, but Cross, I think an adorable idiot, is he the only one who does not realize it?

Cross starts with Bayley, but Bliss is quickly tagged. Bliss then labels herself on Cross, who has some exchanges with Bayley. The two fight outside the ring, but when Bayley stands on the apron to re-enter, Bliss pushes her and hits her head on the ring staircase. Bliss and Cross work on Bayley.

Catch Bayley in the ring apron, and Bliss hits her with a sliding kick. Bayley, still stuck, receives a strong slap from Bliss. Another hard slap of Bliss in the corner. Bliss traps Bayley in a misfortune tree and hits her with his forearms. Back in the middle of the ring, she makes some falls on her knees in Bayley. They exchange strikes and Bliss hits Bayley with a kick. A lot of slaps here. Bayley hits a clothesline in Bliss and a suicide dive in Cross to begin a comeback.

That was a lot of work put into the Nikki / Alexa / Bayley story for Bayley just to win clean. #Extreme Rules

– Bryan Alvarez (@brybadvarez) July 15, 2019

Cross is labeled, but Bayley gets the advantage and the body hits Cross in Bliss. Bayley gets a blockade of law in Cross and a cross face in Bliss at the same time for a creative place. Cross finally regains the advantage after the distraction of Bliss and hits a DDT Tornado. Bliss stays hooked and goes for a Twisted Bliss but Bayley gets on her knees. He crosses the labels and also jumps off the top rope, but he takes one knee to Bayley's chin. Bayley receives a superior elbow to beat Cross and Bliss.

Score: 3.25 stars. Everyone worked hard here and there were no broken places or boring sections. However, Bayley defeating Cross and Bliss clean is a great goalscorer, as he kills both of course the supposed baby face of Cross.

Aleister Black defeats Cesaro

He is the striking man from Amsterdam against the Swiss Superman. This could be a great match.

The black goes for his round kick of the black mbad immediately, but Cesaro bends down. Black hits him with a kick in the corner, and Cesaro responds with a comfortable European Uppercut. (In Europe, did you just call it Uppercut?) Cesaro mocks Black with his own mockery of sitting down, but Black makes him pay with a series of strikes and a springboard jump, Aleister Black is super good.


The striking man from Amsterdam.


The black dominates Cesaro and hits a kick in the head that, once again, shot like a bullet shot. These guys love a good leg slap and I'm for it. Cesaro defends himself and makes a spectacular European trampoline Uppercut. Cesaro, too, is super good.

The two come and go, and Cesaro puts Black in a warehouse. Black struggles and hits another trampoline lunar jump. Black goes for a double blow to the knee, but Cesaro catches him, picks him up and hits him an uppercut. Incredible place.

Black hits a series of kicks on Cesaro, and Cesaro goes for another trampoline uppercut, but Black responds with a knee blow in the air. Cesaro starts selling his left leg, after Black kicked it throughout the game. Black makes a blocking takedown, but Cesaro hires him as a sniper and transitions to a crossed face. Black faces an attempt to drop spikes for a double count and then hit the knee in Cesaro's face. Singing from the crowd that this is awesome. Of course, Philly.

The black hits some uppercuts in Cesaro, but Cesaro responds with a series of uppercuts of his own. Great intensity Cesaro goes for a Neutralizer, but Black counteracts and hits a black mbad for victory.

Clbadification: 4 stars. These two hit each other. The crowd was interested because the action was exceptional, but the party was affected by the crowd that was not really investing in any of the characters. Still, the absolutely fantastic fight.


Black. Dough.


The Revival retains WWE Raw Tag Team titles

After a bad comedy promotion with Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins, The Revival is defending its Raw Tag Team Championships. The Usos cut a double promotion in its entrance and we were welcomed to the Penitentiary of Use. The Uses are great.

After the round-trip action, with entry and exit labels for both teams, the Uses end up doing a dive over the rope in The Revival. The double team of Revival Jey Use on the outside, and the Revival label inside and outside to train it. There are no turns of them until now. Only the fists. (And slams.)

The labels of Dash Wilder in Dawson, who separates Jey from Jimmy Uso. Jey finally makes the label, but The Revival distracts the referee, who missed the label and did not let Jimmy in. The Revival hit a backbreaker-elbow combo on Jey.

After countering a superplex, Jey marks Jimmy for the tag. Two Samoan drops in Wilder and Dawson. However, Wilder interrupts him and hits a sitting Powerbomb. Wilder marks Dawson and the two try to fold the team Jimmy, but Jimmy hits a corkscrew in both. The Uses hit a Samoan Drop tandem in Dawson for a count of 2.

After some action, Dawson hits a superplex on Jey Uso and Dash follows him with a touch of top rope, but Jimmy breaks the pinfall with his own top rope drop. Awesome place Jey Uso hits a superkick on Dawson that sounded like a shot, and continues with one on Dash. Jey hits the ropes for an iron, but Dawson dragged his leg, and The Revival hits a Destroyed Machine for the count of 3.

Rating: 3.5 stars. Fantastic fight, but braked by a crowd that was only semi in it.


#And yet


The Undertaker and Roman Reigns defeat Drey McIntyre and Shane McMahon

The main show begins with one of the most important games of the letter, with a rare appearance of The Undertaker.

Shane comes out first and makes the announcer present him as "the best in the world." Did you know that Chris Jericho invented that? McIntyre, who seems to be made of solid stone, follows him. Reigns gets a decent reaction, followed by a great pop for The Undertaker.


Undertaker gets a great reaction from the crowd.


Reigns and McIntyre begin. Michael Cole explains that this is an unrestricted fight, which means there are no disqualifications, but fighters still have to label each other inside and out. IN AGREEMENT. The McIntyre labels on Shane, the crowd boos. Reign, after some exchanges, the labels in Undertaker. The crowd cheers. After some punches in the corner, Undertaker goes to the old school and sings in public that he still has it. We'll see, Philadelphia, we'll see.

After some action, Reigns is in the ring getting hit by Shane, and McIntyre's tags are placed and they put Reigns on one arm. Reigns returns with a Samoan Drop, and Undertaker gets the active tag. He hits Snake Eyes and a big boot in Shane and clears Shane and McIntyre's ring.

Undertaker dismounts the announcer table and prepares Shane for a final trip. Elias comes out of nowhere and breaks his guitar on Undertaker's back. Reigns fights him, but eats a Claymore Kick from McIntyre. McIntyre then hits another Claymore in Undertaker. McIntyre looks like a murderer.

Elias and McIntyre put Undertaker on the announcer's table, and Shane hits the flying elbow from the top rope across the table. Elias and McIntyre bring Undertaker to the ring and place him in the corner. Shane hits a dropkick from Costa to Costa. Shane's greatest successes, here.

Reigns hits Elias with a Superman Punch, but McIntyre takes him out with a Russian leg sweep. In the ring, Undertaker sits with a petrified Shane and hits him a Chokeslam. McIntyre appears behind Undertaker, but Reigns hits a spear in McIntyre. Undertaker Tombstones Shane and gets 1-2-3.

Reigns gives the ring to Undertaker, and Cole tells us to breathe it because we do not know how many more times we can experience The Undertaker.

Rating: 3.5 stars. Undertaker clearly wanted to prove, after the disastrous match between Saudi Arabia and Goldberg, that he still has something. He did well here, nothing failed and he was never noticeably slow. The match was also helped by a hot crowd.


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Preshow results

The one-hour Extreme Rules preshow had two games, one of which crowned a new champion. Here are the quick results.

Shinsuke Nakamura wins the Intercontinental Championship of Finn Balor: Nakamura covered Balor after a knee from Kinshasa.

Drew Gulak retains the Cruiserweight Championship: Gulak covered Tony Nese with a cyclonic shock.

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