WWE Announces Storyline Fine for Nia Jackson, Jax No Longer on Twitter

WWE has announced a fine story for Nia Jacob for her actions in last night’s Raw.

On last night’s show, Jackson vs. Shaina Bussler goes on a double count out after ending up outside the ring. Jackson and Besler then battled WWE security, but Jackson hit a Samoan drop on WWE producer Pat Buck. WWE has announced a storyline for Jackson, but the amount was not revealed.

Buck joked about last night’s attack after Raw and tweeted, “Next week, I expect a heartfelt apology @NiaJaxWWE And also wrinkle resistant schmedium dress shirt. “

There is speculation on Java vs Buszler in WWE A wrestling competition Due to last night’s stir, but this has not been confirmed.

On a related note, Jax has once again deleted his Twitter. Looks like he has deleted or deactivated his account @NiaJaxWWE Sometime in the last 20 hours, before last night’s Raw. The page now includes the message: “This account does not exist. Try searching for another.”

Stay tuned for updates on Jackson and Basler. Below is the WWE full announcement on Buck, along with some related tweets from Buck:

Nia Jax fined for action on Monday Night Raw

Nia Jax has been fined an undisclosed sum for improper contact with several WWE officials following her match against Shayna Bazler on Monday’s Raw, WWE.com has learned.

The Erasable Force and The Queen of Spades battle for a double count-out, then steam up on the security who tried to tear them apart. Jax scuffles a WWE officer with a Samoan Drop.

Stick with WWE’s digital and social channels to grow more on this story.


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