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WrestleMania 34: Fifth Annual Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal

Fifth annual Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

Greg Hamilton presents the commentators of this game: Byron Saxton and members of the WWE Hall of Fame Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler. We see the Andre Battle Royal trophy at ringside while Hamilton passes the rules. The ring is already full of superstars. The bell rings and here we go.

Aiden English beats in Zack Ryder while Baron Corbin works in Sin Cara. English is eliminated Heath Slater is almost abandoned, but it stays. Curt Hawkins works at Fandango. Dolph Ziggler also clings. Curt Hawkins and Konnor are eliminated. Goldust and R-Truth do some comedy, but Goldust turns against him. The truth is eliminated. Ziggler works in Cara now. Mike Kanellis eliminates Primo Colon. Matt Hardy works at Ryder. Slater works on Viktor. Goldust works in Dash Wilder. Scott Dawson works on Cara but saves for Dash. Rhyno works at Ziggler. Titus O & # 39; Neill goes with Viktor.

Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas double team Hardy. Fandango works in Rhyno. Titus rocks Tyler Breeze. Shelton Benjamin eliminates Breeze. Viktor works in Rhyno on the corner. Titus works at Kane now. Goldust pulls Cara but he stays. Viktor is eliminated by Rhyno. Ryder almost eliminated Ziggler. Kane fights against Chad Gable. Apollo works at Axel. Fandango works at Ziggler. Matt hits Goldust's face on the turnbuckles. Kane continues standing from the corner.

Mojo Rawley eliminates Ryder. Luke Gallows works on Titus. Gable tries to eliminate Karl Anderson. Gable eliminates Anderson after they become entangled. Titus throws Horca to the apron, but he stays. Titus removes Gallows. Titus stands up and poses while we go to a break. Back from the break and The Revival eliminates Apollo. Shelton throws Dash to the platform, but Dawson makes salvation. Revival eliminates Shelton next. Rhyno is eliminated then. Dash and Dawson are then eliminated by Axel and Dallas.

Kane eliminates Axel and Dallas at the same time. Mojo works at Fandango. Ziggler and Hardy go on that. We see John Cena sitting in the crowd with fans again. Kane eliminates Fandango. Baron Corbin looks from the corner. Corbin and Slater go on that now. Corbin eliminates Slater by ramming him into the ring post. We see how Cara was eliminated by Corbin during the break with Corbin throwing him out of the ring to other eliminated Superstars. Corbin and Kane confront each other and talk trash now. The other Superstars attack them both and take them to the corners. Titus and Goldust put the boots on Corbin while Ziggler and Matt work on Kane. Titus Rocks Goldust and Tye Dillinger. Titus is downloaded and excited. Titus throws Ziggler over his head, but Ziggler falls on his feet and overcomes him. Ziggler eliminates Titus.

Goldust ties Ziggler in one corner and Tye in the other. He runs and nails Tye with a low blow, but Ziggler answers hers. Ziggler eliminates Goldust. Fans sing "Eliminate!" as Ziggler turns to Matt's right. Tye and Matt are now facing the "ten!" the songs go against the "eliminate!" chants Matt pulls Tye and removes him from the top. Kane levels Matt. Everything depends on Kane, Hardy, Ziggler, Mojo and Corbin. Ziggler counterattacks Kane and overcomes him. Kane eliminates Ziggler. Corbin comes from behind and eliminates Kane.

Now we're with Corbin, Matt and Mojo. Fans sing "Eliminate!" when they face. Matt unloads with butts to Corbin but Mojo runs over him. Mojo throws Matt hard on the carpet. Corbin approaches Matt and Mojo just looks at him. They double team with Matt now. The lights go off, the graph flashes and Bray Wyatt appears in the ring. Wyatt helps Matt eliminate Mojo. Corbin Matt floors with a big boot. Corbin catches Wyatt with End of Days. Corbin grabs Matt but Matt fights him and eliminates him. Wyatt is still lying on the carpet while Matt looks at him. The bell rings and Hardy is the winner, since Wyatt was not officially in the game.

Winner: Matt Hardy

After the game, Hardy's music is played briefly. He approaches Wyatt and thanks him. Fans sing "Thank you Wyatt" now and Matt applauds with them. Wyatt and Hardy embrace in the middle of the ring while Matt's music begins again. Dinner is shocked in the crowd. Matt and Wyatt pose together while the crowd makes the "Delete!" Songs again.

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