Would you buy a Sony phone?

LG is gone, people. They probably won’t be back. That said, it does mean there is a bit of market share that someone is going to gobble up, and while most would assume it will just be Samsung, I’d like to think that a smaller company has the potential to grow and get phones in the hands of new customers. One of those companies is Sony with its Xperia line. Xperia phones have been pumped annually for years, and if you look at the specs of these devices, Sony hasn’t been wasting anyone’s time. Now more than ever, they are worth checking out.

While specs and software have only gotten better on Sony phones, we can’t help but point to the pricing and software update schedule as two main reasons why the OEM doesn’t see much play in the US Their phones are stupid. expensive and there are no vendor partners to help offset that cost in contracts or promotions. If you want Sony, you buy unlocked and then pray that the company will update your phone in a timely manner. If Sony wants to gain more traction in the US, I think a commitment to better software support would go a long way in getting people interested. We’ve seen similar moves from Samsung and it’s one of those highlights that we always point to when everyone asks us which phone they should buy next.

So let’s say the next Sony phone, presumably the Xperia 1 III, has an astonishing spec sheet, a relatively good price ($ 1K-ish), and a commitment from Sony for timely updates, say at least 2-3 years of Android. main version updates + 3 to 4 years of security patches. Would you even consider Sony? And if not, why not? Is there something that has kept you away from Sony? Is it the unavailability of carriers? Prices?

This is your chance, Sony. Let’s see what you got!

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