World Series 2020 – Rays win instant-classic Game 4 with walk-off rally

ARLINGTON, Texas – Somehow, someday, the Tampa Bay Rays survived an all-time-classic World Series game with a dramatic – yet finishing to a wild, 8-7 win over the Los Angeles Dodgers on Saturday at the Globe Victory Life Zone.

Randy Azzarzana was dead for rights trying to score a winning run from first base in the bottom of the ninth inning by Brett Gypsy on a hit from Brett Phillips close to the Rights Diders, which tied the game at 7-7 with two outs. Arozarena fell on his way home from third place, but Dodgers catcher Will Smith couldn’t prow Riley and Arozarena was able to touch home to end the game and even the series 2–2.

The Dodgers saw that they had a game in the bag after taking the lead in the eighth inning, but Johnson had two hits and a trick, including a Phillies hit that was 0-for-5 in the postseason before the single. Right on a 1-2 pitch. Ray showed more fighting at the plate, and a player who was just 20 at-bats for him in the regular season came on as a hero. And now this series is down to three best.

“The moment the ball left Phillips’ bat, we knew that we had a tie ball game and then everything that happened later did not sound like Randy. He was usually just used to flirting. Used to be done. So it threw him a little farther. Bits got stuck in between the third and the house, “said race manager Kevin Cash. “But Phillips, man, gives a lot of credit to the man. I don’t know when the last time he got an at-bat. He was very impressive against what he did against one of the best players in the game. ”

Later, Jensen was diplomatic about Udta Bachao, due to the soft contact that gave the Rays their victory. “To make soft contact, you can’t beat yourself up to that,” he said. “I am completely broken [Kevin] Kirmer’s bat and Phillips, another grenade single. You can’t beat yourself there. You stay positive One thing is that we remain positive and we came back tomorrow. ‘

Through a translator, Azorna described what happened in his notable Rome around bases to achieve a walk-off victory. “All I was thinking about was just running hard. Running hard as I could,” he said. “Once I reached a certain place, I saw that the ball staggered. I was sent home. I tried but I was thinking to tie the game and hopefully lead the game. Once When the ball reached him, I was able to turn around and score. ”


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