World Series 2020 – Clayton Kershaw repairs his playoff legacy with a Game 5 victory

ARLINGTON, Texas – Kaylee Kershaw, 5, an atomic bundle of energy, allowed space everywhere, jittering around the room, under and over the table. His younger brother Charlie of 3 years tried to keep the point that his father, Clayton Kershaw, felt the need to offer an elbow / apology. “You guys are frantic,” he said.

It was his second win in Game 5 of the 116th World Series, nearly 30 minutes after winning it, which pushed the Los Angeles Dodgers to the verge of their first championship in more than three decades. His hair long, his beard ever lustrous, his face still compassionate, his resolve rigid, he had not done his best, and it was okay. Later, Callie had told him that she was proud of him, and that he was a lot.

A boy wanders around for a long time, and you see him as the man he is going to be. Kershaw is 32 years old, more craftsman than his major, winner. And although our greatest athletes have an almost irreplaceable instinct to measure what they once were, and yet to hold what they thought to be, the idea of ​​what it should always be seems unfair. Because every unicorn that stares at Father Time and wins, a hundred other ages give the vagina a lesson of regression, a clock that ticks endlessly, and they don’t.

The stage of acceptance is the toughest, and this is where Kershaw, the October’s worst reputation he lays mounds out of the house on Halloween, lives today. He is not what he once was, and he does not need to be, as he pitted the Dodgers for a 4–2 win against the Tampa Bay Rays on Sunday night, giving them one of their first championship wins in 1988 and He came so close to the size of the ring for Oh, which did not include any of his pitching peers.

Here’s Kershaw: Good enough, which, when the Dodgers have talent, is quite good. He is capable of excellence, and he is prone to failure, and he is usually closer to the former than the latter. He is a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are not characters: Kelshaw and October Kershaw, turn into a fortunate creature when the calendar changes. He is flawed, requiring more reliability than anything else, in need of careful handling.

He is a father, in other words. And every October, it seems, a reminder of that, because Kershaw is like a father who brings his children to the podium for good days. In 2017, while he was still near the Blessed Arm, which collided with electric wires, Callie sat with him for the first time at the postgame conference. And in 2018, Charlie joined them. Neither could be seen anywhere in 2019, as Kersh did not dare to expose him to baseball’s hoax, which broke what he had last year. He blew a lead, blew a chain, and said: “Everything people say is right.

What he said was not for October, he was a chocor, that he did not have what he takes. No matter what he said, Karshav never believed that. No one has reached heights – three National League Cy Young Awards, one MVP Award, a regular season career of 2.43 – without conviction of his own way. If some October was Bugaboo, be it mental or physical, it would not be impenetrable. He was a pitcher. And the pitchers find their way.

He is delighted at this postmarton. Overall, a 2.93 ERA and four wins with 30ks innings, 23 hits, 5 walks and 37 strikes. In Game 5 of the World Series, 5⅔ innings, 5 hits, 2 runs, 2 walks and 6 strikeouts. Yeoman’s work for someone whose greatest feature is not what his left hand can produce but the toilet it takes to ensure it is on top of it.

Sunday was praised through the Globe Life field, with most of the 11,437 wearing Dodger blue and asking Keshav to do something that likely stood out in the last outing of 2020. He had taken a 3–0 lead, the Dodgers saw him through. He worked in the third inning, scoring a pair of runs. He made no fuss in first-third-of-three in a neat little escaped act in the fourth when he heard first baseman Max Muncy shout: “Step off!”

Behind Kershaw’s back, Rage outfielder Manuel Margot flew on a dead sprint, making the first attempt to steal a straight World Cup game since Lonnie Smith in 1982. Kershaw fired the ball home, simply swiping Austin Barnes to catch it. Margot’s fingers slip across the plate before the tag inches. In the fifth, Kershaw would break the all-time record for strikes in the postseason. Coming in sixth, he had converted two pitches into two outs when Dodgers manager Dave Roberts crossed the steps of the dugout and headed to the mound.

And the greeting he gave was charming: boon. Not just Catsall or His. Real, genuine, loud busses from all corners of the stadium. It was October, and Dodgers fans realized that Clayton Kershaw was being ruled out of a game. So were the violators of the Dodgers. He told Roberts to stay with Kershaw. he refused. He wanted to believe that Kershav was his best swayamvara. Roberts believed that Kershaw had done a lot.

Jayakare started as soon as he walked from the mound. They grew louder. 5 A-inning, two-run outing is not usually the thing for which ovulation is performed, and yet it is made up of only one fastball, which also sits in the 91 mph range. This was thanks to enough care to make Game 5 possible, not just for Game 5 – not to bow out of pandemic baseball and to resign myself to the story that others wanted to write for him.

“It feels great. It feels great,” Kershaw said. “Anytime you can get success in the postseason, it just means. The work you do is what you play for this month. I know what the other end feels like, I definitely Will adopt. ” When i can get it. ”

Roberts brought in another wave of jeers leaving the dugout behind, even though the plan was all along, a plan Kershaw grew to understand, as age for him may have an inverse relationship with talent, but knowledge of it Has a direct relationship with. Once a dog competitor, Kershav always wants more. He has grown up simply to accept that more is not always possible or right.

Roberts’ fortunes have been unbreakably linked to Karshava. He has shared some of his worst moments, and because of that, Roberts did not deviate from Kersh’s plan to face between 21 and 24 batters. After his 22nd hitter, 85 pitches were thrown, 56 of which were for strikes, one of which was on a slider, showing better days.

“He just grinds,” Roberts said. “He would get himself to that point. And I’d say, it wasn’t his best stuff, but he found a way to be an outsider and I gave him all the credit.”



Jock Pedersen and Max Muncie scored solo home runs, while Clayton Kershaw attacked six batters in the Dodgers game versus 5 batters in The Rage.

Whoever sees it as a pedestrian, because it is not up to some standard, which he himself has long ago abandoned, consider: what Kirshv does now, falls short, still exceptionally impressive is. It is just in a less obvious way. This is the three-pronged approach of the pitcher – where she is in time, what are the reasonable expectations for her, how she has evolved – in a world that moves toward the easiest valuation to digest and spit out numbers. Is in the absence of context.

This is not the absence of Kershav. He has failed in October. He has flown games, series, seasons. In Game 5 of the 2017 World Series against Houston, his transplant could cost a ring of Dodgers. In Game 5 of the 2018 World Series against Boston, he could not stop the Red Sox’s crowning. In Game 5 of the 2020 World Series, however, the day the Rays shot in the intestines to the bowels, Kersh calmed his teammates’ days and his years-old wounds.

Now, Roberts holds off on the script and calls for Kirshaw to take a short rest for the first time this season in a possible Game 7, it is up to the 27 other Dodgers to give him what they have on their side. do. He had never won two games in the postseason series until taking Games 1 and 5 of this World Series. A win in Game 6 on Tuesday or Game 7 on Wednesday would remove him from the list of three-time Cy Young winners without a championship. He is one of only 10. And among those pitchers who have won at least four ERA titles, but no World Series titles. He is one of 10, that too. Similarly, 10 pitchers have won an MVP in the 1961 expansion era, and Kershaw is the only one without a ring.

Sometime in the next 72 hours, all of that can go away, and it will bring him back to that room, sitting at the table, talking to a camera but really to the world. He tells them what it ultimately feels like to be a champion, how it was all worth it. And right along with her will be Callie and Charlie, as if they’ve got Red Bull IV, because their daddy, who is finally meant to be them, was proud of them.


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