World may not return to pre-pandemic ‘normal’ until 20 May, WHO warns Bill Gates

Top Line

This week, the Chief Science Officer of the World Health Organization, Dr. Soumya Swaminathan cannot return to a pre-epidemic lifestyle, at least until 2022.

Key Facts

According to CNN, on Tuesday, reporters told “We are looking at 2022 before vaccines are made to at least make people immune.”

Swaminathan said people would need to continue mitigation practices such as social distancing and wearing masks until sufficient quantities of the vaccine were administered to produce and vaccinate at least 60% to 70% .

The prophecy states who Bill Gates is New york magazine On Monday “in a very good case” where many vaccines are confirmed to be working and can build enough factories, the world could return to pre-pandemic health levels in two years.

He said, however, that the question remains around other health issues such as restoring lost progress on malaria and HIV, as well as the economy, especially in countries that cannot raise government debt, which is “largely used in this Have had to deal with. ” “

It usually takes 10 years to develop a vaccine, but efforts to produce one for coronaviruses are proceeding at an unprecedented pace, with 40 vaccines in clinical trials and currently 9 in Phase 3 trials. new York Times.

Health experts hope to know if there is a viable vaccine as early as the end of 2020, but potentially reduced herd immunity, at least for the United States, which has the most cases of the virus in the world It may be difficult to find effectiveness percentage and anti-vaccination superstition.

Serious sentiment

“We’re still at the beginning of this,” Dr. According to David Nabarro, a WHO special envoy on Kovid-19, according to The Guardian. “” None of us finds the current situation to be anything other than terrible, horrifying, truly embarrassing. It is a terrible situation, a health issue has gone out of control. It is knocking in the world, not only a recession, but a huge economic contraction that will probably double the number of poor people, double the number of malnourished people. , Causing millions of small and big businesses to go bankrupt. “

Main background

There have been 29.4 million confirmed coronaviruses reported globally, as well as 931,272 deaths. Experts warned that the fall in the Northern Hemisphere could increase cases and deaths due to complications arising from battling Kovid-19 during the flu season.

Chief critic

US President Trump and the GOP. Trump has created the idea that a vaccine may arrive in a few weeks before the November presidential election. During the Republican National Convention in late August, several speakers described the epidemic of the previous days, despite the tens of thousands of new cases that are identified daily in the US.

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