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Workers at the US embassy in Cuba found brain abnormalities, according to the report

Brain anomalies were found in US diplomats who were victims of alleged attacks at the US Embassy in Cuba, according to a new report.

Doctors discovered that the white matter in the brains of the Embassy workers had "developed changes," The Associated Press reported. White matter allows different areas of the brain to communicate.

  ARCHIVE - In this file photo of October 3, 2017, tourists ride classic convertible cars on the Malecón next to the United States Embassy in Havana, Cuba. The doctors who treat the victims of the US Embassy UU Of mysterious and invisible attacks in Cuba, they have discovered brain anomalies while searching for clues about hearing, vision, balance and memory damage, according to The Associated Press. Doctors, FBI investigators and US intelligence agencies have spent months trying to put the puzzle together in Havana, where the US UU They say that 24 government officials and spouses fell ill last year in homes and then in some hotels. (AP Photo / Desmond Boylan)

Doctors found changes in the white brain in US diplomats who experienced "attacks" while at the US Embassy in Cuba.

(AP Photo / Desmond Boylan)

At least 24 officials of the US Embassy. UU In Cuba, they reported hearing loud and clanking noises before experiencing hearing problems, hearing loss, dizziness, headache, fatigue, cognitive problems and difficulty sleeping. [19659007] CUBA CITES LACK OF EVIDENCE IN MYSTERIOUS SONIC ATTACKS IN DIPLOMATS

Some victims knew immediately that the attack was affecting their bodies, while some developed physical symptoms within 24 hours.

Other Americans who were not working but were traveling in Cuba also reported experiencing strange symptoms similar to those reported by US officials. UU., Said the Department of State.

Although researchers initially suspected what the staff expected as "sonic attacks," officials now avoid that term.

State Secretary Rex Tillerson said on Tuesday that he believes the Embassy workers were victims of "selective attacks," but noted that the United States does not know who perpetrated them. [19659009] However, Tillerson said that the blame for the attacks fell on Cuba, since his government is responsible for the security of diplomats in his country.


Cuba has denied all the accusations of participation and affirmed that the Trump administration was "deliberately lying" about the attacks.

The Cuban government has also requested that the United States disclose its findings of the attacks. Cuba to investigate. Tillerson said that although the United States had released certain information, the country will not disclose additional details that could allow the perpetrator to determine how effective the attacks were.

Most of the victims have fully recovered, officials told The Associated Press.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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