work at home? Pay 5% more in taxes, Deutsche Bank researchers say – Deadline

The joy of working in your sweat may soon come at a cost.

A research team at Deutsche Bank has proposed a tax on remote workers at the end of the epidemic. This concept would support economic reform and subsidize people whose out-of-home presence in jobs is necessary.

“For a sudden change [work from home] This means that for the first time in history, a large group of people have separated themselves from the face-to-face world, yet they are living a full economic life, ”thematic research analyst Luke Templeman said in the report. “This means that remote workers are contributing less to the infrastructure of the economy, while still reaping its benefits.”

Deutsche Bank said her research showed that 60% of those working from home during the epidemic wanted to continue that system for two or more days per week after getting vaccinated at that place. Cites those living at home who do not make a fuss, buy lunch, or dress up for the office, as well as take advantage of the flexibility and convenience of being at home.

Deutsche Bank claims to have a large cost to the macroeconomy, which was designed for trudging in an office, factory, or store.

The solution is a work-from-home tax at 5% wages. Employers will cover additional costs if they do not provide permanent desks to workers. Those who work from home will see the tax deducted from their salary on a per-term basis.

Deutsche Bank argues that the cost will be equal to going to work expenses.

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