Wonderworld balance patched due to risk of seizures

Square Enix has patched a scene in Wonderworld Balance, which was released on Friday, which featured flashing lights that posed a “risk of photosensitive epilepsy.” To make sure the scene is fixed, players need to install the game’s day one patch, according to a tweet from the official. Wonderworld Balance bill.

“Make sure to install the day 1 patch before playing,” the company tweeted. “We have received reports of a risk of photosensitive epilepsy due to a possible intermittent bug if the game is not patched. The day 1 patch avoids this issue and improves the overall gaming experience. “

Game Informer writer Liana Ruppert, who reported a similar risk of seizures present in Cyberpunk 2077 earlier this year, he published a story about Wonderworld BalanceThursday’s own risk. The scene in question is Wonderworld Balancelast fight with the boss; There are two cases where the entire screen flickers in and out, with black and white strobes, quickly.

As the Cyberpunk 2077 scene, which was patched up following Ruppert’s report, the Wonderworld Balance blinking poses a risk to photosensitive players. And while accessibility options in video games have improved in recent years, seizure triggers still remain in games, sometimes accompanied by in-game warnings.

Wonderworld Balance launched on March 26 on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC via Steam, Xbox One, and Xbox Series.

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