Wonder Woman 1984 will be the first title that streams HBO Max 4K

When Warner Bros. announced in mid-November that Wonder Woman 1984 It would be available on HBO Max on the same day that it appears in select theaters, I was groaning. Not because of the decision to bring the film right into the living room – it’s the right call – but I knew that, at the time, all content on HBO Max still topped 1080p. Resolution is one area where the service badly outperforms its competitors. But it turns out, Wonder Woman 1984 It will be the first title to begin revamping when it is released on 25 December.

Today, WarnerMedia announced Wonder Woman 1984 HBO will stream on Max in 4K. The film will also support (depending on what your setup is capable of) Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos and HDR10. The 4K stream will be available on “Apple TV 4K, Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K, Amazon Fire TV Cube / 4K Fire TV Edition Smart TV, Chromecast Ultra, AT&T TV, and will support Android TV devices.” What is missing from the list, of course, is Roku; HBO Max is unavailable on RBO’s platform as both parties are unable to reach a deal to put it there. Hbo max is Available on Xbox and PlayStation consoles, but it seems that 4K support will have to wait on those devices.

Director Patty Jenkins encouraged viewers to “find the greatest highest-quality screen” when they can watch the film.

This is the very beginning, and HBO Max “will expand these capabilities to further support for films and TV series, as well as additional devices in 2021.” I really hope that WarnerMedia extends that timeline as fast as possible; Contestants like Disney Plus, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and others already tick all the checkboxes that home theater enthusiasts care for.

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