‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Delayed as US Epic Theater Plays

Warner Bros. is postponing the release of its Wonder Woman sequel, according to a person familiar with the matter, hinting that Hollywood studios worry that American filmmakers hesitate to return to theaters in large numbers, one after another. Month to release at the time of release of big movie.
The studio, part of AT&T Inc., is taking “Wonder Woman 1984” to a later date, the person said, with plans to open the film on Scotch. 2. Such a move represents the latest in the series. Many Hollywood stuttering steps amid the epidemic caused by massive theater closures worldwide.
“Wonder Woman 1984”, like many of the first major films to appear for the first time during the busy summer film period, has changed its release date as studio wrestling with uncertainty when and where the theater again Can open from Because governments in the US and abroad had varying degrees of success for coronovirus infections, plans around the world have collapsed again and are unpredictable.
Warner Bros. recently made a big gamble in theaters around the world by releasing the first high-profile film in more than five months — including the US last weekend. The $ 200 million espionage thriller “Tenet” from director Christopher Nolan produces modest results in the domestic market, grossing nearly $ 20 million in the US and Canada through the long Labor Day holiday weekend.
Throughout the business as usual, he would inaugurate a mediocre opening for a film directed by a major director like Mr. Nolan. But the result was widely perceived as encouraging in Hollywood, noting that theaters in the US have slowed to reopen compared to the rest of the world. Additionally, large coastal metropolitan markets such as Los Angeles, New York City and San Francisco – where Mr. Nolan’s films historically performed well – are still closed.