Women support women in ‘Challenge Accepted’ photo campaign on Instagram

Actress Carey Washington participates in the challenge-accepted Instagram trend that celebrates women.

Kerry Washington / Instagram

If you are on Instagram, you may have seen her feed with black and white pictures of women with the hashtags #ChallengeAccepted and #WomenSupportingWomen. Viral campaigns are a way for women to show appreciation for other women who inspire and support each other.

Women from all walks of life – famous and non-famous – are posting selfies with positive affirmations about the importance of supporting and inspiring other women. They are nominating other women to do the same on their Instagram account.

More than 3 million photos have been posted with #ChallengeAccepted or #WomenSupportingWomen .htags.

Model Cindy Crawford posted an Instagram photo of herself walking on a beach, “Love this simple way to elevate each other. #Challengeaccepted,”. “Thank you for nominating me @vanessabryant.”

Here is more information about the campaign and how you can participate.

Actress Clare Grant posted on her Instagram on Monday, “Accepted the challenge. Believing, supporting and believing in women is one of my greatest joys.” “Women love me, support me, and understand me. I have the greatest strength. All of the women who nominated me are very much loved.

What is this?

The Challenge Accepted Campaign is a way for women to support each other and celebrate themselves. The challenge involves women posting a black and white photo of themselves, including using the hashtag #WomenSupportingWomen and thanking the woman who nominated them.

Women are nominating a woman (or more) privately in their direct messages to post their own black and white selfie, with a supportive comment or two about the importance of female friendship and brotherhood.

“No matter how much makeup you have. Rock in exactly the way you look!” Actress Felicia Day posted on her Instagram.

Why are women participating?

Women are participating to show their appreciation for the women who have inspired them in their goals – personal and professional – as well as to celebrate the female friends who have stood by their side or supported them when they It was needed most.

While the idea of ​​women empowerment seems like a positive message, not all women agree that it is the best way to encourage women to celebrate their achievements and face other challenges.

“I think it would make more sense if this ‘movement’ portrays trans women, or demonstrates women’s occupations or achievements or women in history.” Podcaster Ali Segal told The New York Times on Monday. “But the idea of ​​it as a challenge or reason is really lost on me.”

(Note: Trans women have also participated in the challenge on Instagram, including actress Candice Cane.)

“I just hate that women want to feel empowered and the first thing they think about is a selfie.” Seagal tweeted.

Seagal was not alone in criticizing the challenge.

“I don’t get this new ‘challenge’ either; wouldn’t it be more appropriate that the books, docs, magazine articles, beauty products, apps created by other women, rather than the work we’ve done recently Enjoy Charity, etc. ” Writer and digital producer Natalia Bua tweeted.

Who has done

The diversity of participating women is impressive. Just in my own Instagram feed, actresses, scientists, activists, directors, CEOs, coders, gamers and much more are sharing their love for women who inspire and keep them going.

Ava DuVernay, Demi Lovato, Halle Berry, Jerry Ryan, Kerry Washington, Felicia Day, Cindy Crawford, Jennifer Garner, Jamie Chung, Kristen Bell, Jessica Alba, Taraji P. Henson, Amber Midthunder, Marlee Matlin, Eva Longoria, and many more are all posting their photos to help speed the campaign.

Here are several selfies being posted on Instagram:

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