Woman’s rape and 5-year-old fuel resentment in Pakistan

Shirin Mazari, Minister of Human Rights in Prime Minister Imran Khan’s cabinet Condemned The comment of the chief of police, who operates in a province that is controlled by Mr. Khan’s governing party. “Nothing can ever rationalize the crime of rape,” she wrote on Twitter. “Bus.”

Dr. Mazari did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Friday morning.

Responding in both cases, Mr. Khan said Series of tweets On Thursday, the authorities administered justice to the culprits. Khan said, “Such cruelty and superiority cannot be allowed in any civilized society.”

According to an index on children’s well-being published by the Children’s Knights Foundation, a research and advocacy group in the Netherlands, Pakistan is ranked 147th out of 182 countries that have ratified the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. The index measures the prevalence of child labor and the rate of mortality and malnutrition, among other criteria.

Pakistan’s consistently poor ranking in the survey proves that “policy makers and state machinery in Pakistan have completely ignored the welfare and rights of children,” Ms. Aziz, opposition jurist and children’s rights advocate, told The News Wrote International last year, a leading English-language daily in Pakistan

Some sexual harassment cases in the country have called for a national retaliation.

In 2015, Pakistan was accused of sexually assaulting 280 children under the age of 14 in villages in eastern Punjab province by a gang of 15 men who took videos to extort money from children and their parents was made.

Recently, the case of 8-year-old boy Muhammad Faizan, who was raped and murdered in the eastern Pakistani city of Chunyan, sparked more outrage and protests. People surrounded the local police station and accused the officers of neglect.

There are signs that the country is growing to deal with this issue.

Under a law passed by Parliament in March, anyone who kidnaps, rapes or murders a minor can face life imprisonment or the death penalty. On Friday, Ms. Aziz said that a broad array of reforms should be initiated to promote child welfare.