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Woman warns others after a severe allergic reaction

A WOMAN talks about the dangers of eyelash extensions after developing a severe allergic reaction to the treatment.

Ottawa resident, Isabelle Kun, had a new pair of false eyelashes applied by a beautician at a spa last Tuesday. For the morning of Thursday, Ms. Kun says that her eyes were swollen and almost completely closed.

"My girlfriend had gone to bed and I could not see her, and I was having a hard time swallowing and even breathing," she told CTVNews.ca over the phone.

The 20-year-old girl was rushed to the hospital where she was admitted immediately, reports Fox News.

"They took me in a matter of seconds when they saw my face, my eyes are swollen up and down and my tonsils were apparently really swollen," said Ms. Kun.

The Canadian had been receiving eyelash extensions every few weeks during the past year without incident. But last month, Ms. Kun said she noticed that her eyes swelled slightly after a session and that she thought she was reacting to the adhesive used. The eyelash extensions are applied one at a time and fixed to the lash line with an instant adhesive.

When he returned, he said he asked the beautician what kind of glue they used. Some people may develop severe allergic reactions to cyanoacrylates in instant adhesives, which are used in other beauty services, such as the application of false nails.

Ms. Kun said that the beautician did not "know the name of the glue" that was being used, but told her that "it should be good".

"So I said yes, I continued with that when I really should not have done it, I should not have done it when I heard that I did not even know what glue I was using or what the ingredients were or something," Kun said.

In the hospital, the girl was given an intravenous antihistamine and steroid to reduce swelling. She was finally sent home with antihistamine pills, but said the swelling had not yet subsided.

"My eyes are even worse now, there's a sack of liquid under my eye now, it's so disgusting," said Ms. Kun.

The beauty salon, Sara Beauty iLash Lounge, when Ms. Kun had visited on her website the possibility of an allergic reaction to the adhesive on her eyelashes.

Sara Du, the beauty salon owner, told CTV News that her business did not test allergies to all customers, but she would do so if the client requested it.

Ms. Kun said she did not know that people could develop sudden allergies and wanted to encourage other women to get an allergy test before undergoing any procedure.

"Also be very careful where you go, these people are dealing with your eyes, with your vision, I mean, I woke up this morning and I was wondering if I would ever see again," he said.

Although Ms. Kun was not sure how her recovery looked this time, she still would like to get eyelash extensions again. .

"I'd like to do them again, but first I'll go for the allergy tests, because I love false eyelashes," he said.

This story originally appeared on Fox News and has republished here with permission.

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