Woman sentenced to 5 years for fatal injection in the butt

A Dallas woman was sentenced to five years in prison for causing the death of a nightclub dancer by giving her an illegal cosmetic injection in the butt in Missouri.

Nitica Deonte Lee, 49, was sentenced Thursday for manslaughter in the death of Daysha Phillips in 2015, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.

Prosecutors said Lee traveled from his home in Dallas to a hotel in Edmundson, a suburb near the main St. Louis airport, where he injected the liquid silicone. Phillips, who was 22, died four days after the silicone entered his bloodstream and became trapped in his lungs.

Three others accompanied Phillips. One backed down and two others who received injections did not appear to suffer any ill effects, police said at the time.

Lee, who previously served time in prison for robbery, robbery and theft, was charged a few months after Phillips’ death. But she was on the run for five years before being arrested by Dallas police in July. Prosecutors said he spent part of that time in Mexico.

Cosmetic surgeons use fat from other parts of the body for improvement, but black market professionals sometimes use silicone from hardware stores. Deaths have occurred in the US.

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