Woman receives 21 birthday flowers from dead father


Bailey Sellers was only 16 when his father, Michael, died of cancer. But before he died, Tennessee's thoughtful father of four children arranged to send flowers to Bailey every birthday until he turned 21. On November 24, Bailey received a beautiful purple bouquet, the last of Michael.

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The student from Eastern Tennessee University shared a photo of the gift and the card on Twitter, where he accumulated more than 1.5 million likes. The note said, "Bailey, this is my last love letter until we meet again, I do not want you to shed another tear for my child because I'm in a better place, you are and always will be the most precious jewel that you gave me. Your 21st birthday and I want you to always respect your mom and stay true to yourself, be happy and happy to live to the fullest, I will be with you at every important stage, just look around and there I will be, I love you boo and happy birthday! Dad. "

My dad died when I was 16 years old and before he died he paid me flowers to receive them every year on my birthday. Well, this is my 21st birthday and the last one. I miss you so much dad ? pic.twitter.com/vSafKyB2uO

– Bailey Sellers (@SellersBailey) November 24, 2017

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Michael's widow, Kristy Sellers, said ABC News on Sunday, November 26 that each of her children, who are between 21 and 33 years old, received an embroidered handkerchief that she prayed for before die. He added that he wanted his eldest daughters Morgan and Abigail, 25, to use the handkerchief on their bridal bouquets.

"He was my best friend, I looked at him so much," said Bailey ABC News . "He was just a great person."

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Michael Sellers died on August 25, 2013, at 56 – six months after he was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

"Since he pbaded away my father, I hated my birthday and it scares me every year because it always made it so special, "said Bailey The New York Post on November 25. "I especially feared my 21st birthday because I knew it would be the last year."

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