Woman raises thousands of homeless people who rescued her


Kate McClure did not expect to run out of gas on her way to Philadelphia last month.

And I definitely did not expect his misfortune to give him the opportunity to change someone else's life.

Shot on the side of I-95, McClure, 27, was approached by a homeless man named Johnny. At first she was nervous, but Johnny told her to go back to her car and lock the doors while he walked to get help. He went to a nearby service station, used his last $ 20 can and brought it to fill his car.

Grateful, but without a dollar to pay him, McClure promised he would come back with something.

In the weeks since then, he returned to the site along with I-95, where Johnny keeps cash, snacks, and Wawa gift cards. Every time she pbades by her boyfriend, Mark D & # 39; Amico, they learn a little more about Johnny's story and feel honored by their gratitude.

Eventually, the couple from the Florence municipality knew they had to do something else. [19659002] "I would say, I'm still thinking about that guy", said D & # 39; Amico. And McClure was also thinking about Johnny.

So they launched a GoFundMe campaign, with an ambitious goal of $ 10,000 and hoping to control a few hundred dollars to reserve a motel to Johnny for a few nights where he could clean up and start to get back on his feet.

As of Wednesday, November 22, 2017, the campaign has raised more than $ 34,000 in donations, and continues to grow.

"It just blew up," said McClure, noting that donors have submitted $ 5, $ 10 or even several hundred after having shared the GoFundMe with several Facebook groups.

Johnny, who is 34 years old, told McClure and D & # 39; Amico that he has been homeless for almost a year. He said he was previously a certified paramedic, and also served in the Marine Corps.

After moving around the country for a while, he came to Philadelphia a year ago with a job in line and some money to buy a truck. But shortly after, the work failed, leaving Johnny surviving with little savings.

Later, he lost his documentation and could not work. One night in the streets became a week, and finally a year of indigence.

Upon hearing their story and reviewing their old Facebook photos, McClure and D & # 39; Amico said they were surprised to see how quickly Johnny's life had changed. that of a hard-working man who vacationed on the beach in one that lived off the streets of Philadelphia.

"It's crazy, you can relate to that," said McClure. "Look and think, it could be me".

Last week, they surprised Johnny with the campaign, telling him that they had already raised $ 1,700 and that they planned to continue.

"That changes my life, right there," Johnny said of the $ 1,700 captured in a video that McClure took. "Honestly, I've met more good people than bad," he said of his time in Philadelphia.

The couple understands how their help in reaching the owners and attesting to Johnny's character will help him overcome some of those obstacles. 19659002] "If we gave him the money, it's not going to happen," McClure said.

Johnny started the process to replace his paperwork, since he currently does not have identification papers or Veterans Affairs, said McClure. He hopes to get a job at the Amazon warehouse in Robbinsville, and later, he hopes to take the test to recertify as a paramedic in Pennsylvania or New Jersey.

And McClure and D & # 39; Amico hope they can get it started on that road soon, hoping to place it in a room to rent in an apartment within two weeks while they continue to raise funds.

"When I still look (the GoFundMe), it surprises me," said McClure. "It's really going to happen to him"

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