Woman detained in Texas for second time in week after refusing to wear mask

A woman seen in a viral video who was forcibly removed by police from a Texas bank last week for refusing to wear a mask or leave the premises was found again in handcuffs.

Terry Lynn Wright, 65, of Grants Pass, Oregon, was arrested Wednesday after officers were called in in another Texas city to remove her from an Office Depot for the same reason she was removed from the bank days earlier.

What are the details?

Wright made headlines on March 11 after body camera video showed his confrontation with police in Galveston Texas, when officers were called in for their refusal to wear a mask at a Bank of America location.

Wright insisted that he had every right to be inside the bank since he has an account at the institution, but bank employees, other customers and the officer on the scene disagreed.

The retiree was dragged to the ground after repeatedly refusing to wear a mask or leave the bench of her own free will, and sustained injuries to one of her feet in the process.

VIDEO: Woman Arrested for Refusing to Wear Mask at Galveston Bank


Instead of being arrested that day, Wright was taken to the hospital to receive treatment for her injuries.

The Washington Post reported that, according to a GPD spokeswoman, “Wright was detained and scheduled to be arrested, but then rushed to hospital complaining of foot pain.”

The spokesman said over the weekend that Wright “will be arrested on warrant” issued by the department on trespassing and resisting arrest charges.

That’s what happened Wednesday, when Texas City Police were called to an Office Depot “after employees asked Wright to leave the store for refusing to cover his face,” KTRK-TV reported, citing the department.

The outlet also reported:

Wright was taken into custody on arrest warrants related to the Galveston incident on March 11 and no additional charges were filed, police said. She was booked into the Galveston County Jail.

Anything else?

Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) lifted the state’s mask mandate earlier this month, saying companies should decide for themselves what COVID-19 precautions to take on their properties. Many companies still impose their own mask restrictions on customers.


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