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They say that the numbers never lie, and it certainly helps the explorers to support, or differentiate, from what we see in the perspective project evaluations.

We took the 10 best selected NFL 2019 quarterbacks (Kyler Murray, Dwayne Haskins, Drew Lock, Ryan Finley, Jarrett Stidham, Daniel Jones, Tyree Jackson, Will Grier, Clayton Thorson and Gardner Minshew) and examined five key statistical areas. What do the numbers really say about the next wave of talent calling the NFL signal?

ESPN Stats & Information released two important statistics for each of the five categories, and the NFL draft badyst Todd McShay He evaluated the numbers against what he sees on the tape. Statistics and information John Parolin it provided some context for the numbers against other draft clbades and the rest of the FBS.

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Who can extend the plays under duress?

Under pressure

QB Total QBR
when pressed
QB Total QBR
when it blitzed
Jackson 48.2 Murray 98.0
Finley 45.4 Finley 95.0
Haskins 41.1 Grier 87.1
To block 39.9 Minshew 86.0
Murray 33.7 To block 79.8
Minshew 20.1 Jones 74.8
Grier 18.9 Haskins 68.7
Thorson 11.3 Stidham 64.0
Jones 8.0 Thorson 63.2
Stidham 4.8 Jackson 52.9
FBS averages: 12.6 under pressure, 61.8 when bombed

McShay: I always put more value on the pressure than the blitz factor. You have to consider the complete picture. The Blitz numbers are not just for the field marshal; They are a function of the team's offense. But the pressure is just pressure, and the performance in such circumstances definitely correlates with the success in the NFL. You are looking for efficiency under duress when QBs are forced to make faster decisions with fewer open receivers. It is an important component of the evaluation of QB talent.

With that in mind, Jackson is a pretty interesting case. He has some wheels (4.59 40-yard runs) and arm strength to throw under pressure, but that offense did not help much when the opponents sent the attack. His pocket conscience puts him a little behind the 8-ball when the house collapses.

Parolina Exactly two of the 47 Power 5 and Mountain West marshals recruited since 2012 had better total QBR under pressure in their previous season than Jackson: Sam Darnold (twice) and Baker Mayfield. Andrew Luck posted a 23.7 in 2011, and Jared Goff had a 23.0 in 2016.

When: April 25-27
Where: Nashville, Tennessee
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McShay: Finley's success here is not surprising; It processes very fast and goes through its progressions without delay. Feel the pressure and know when to climb and when to slide sideways, while keeping your eyes on the field. In addition, it comes with mobility above average.

Parolina The QB of the state of North Carolina, in fact, generated fighting last year (14 touchdowns, one interception), and his worst game, a 41-7 defeat against Clemson, occurred when he was attacked in only eight of 35 moves .

McShay: It is also a good sign to see the best players resist the pressure. I think Haskins can extend the plays better than people give him credit, and Lock and Murray are excellent as we expected. Murray's 98.0 Total QBR against Blitz certainly had a lot to do with him, but it is also the result of the weapons he had in the Sooners pbading game and an offensive line that is sending four players to the draft this year. But it should not surprise anyone that such an explosive athlete is great when forced to create.

Parolina Yes, none of the 47 draft picks of the QB since 2011, nor Mayfield, Goff, Luck, Patrick Mahomes or anyone else, was more effective against a bombing than Murray. And he was not just beating the linebackers, either. Murray was bombed 105 times last season and scrambled only 17 times in nine yards. Murray did his damage against at least five pbading pitchers in the air, completing 72 percent of his throws with 18 touchdown pbades and two interceptions.

to play


Kyler Murray of Oklahoma is an aggressive game creator with a strong arm, fast pitch and good pbad accuracy.

McShay: Jones stood out as a potential first-round player who really struggles under pressure. It's just not a kind of fast contraction, and it sticks to the targets and hangs on the ball too long. The pressure really begins to affect its accuracy during the course of a game. And Jones ran a 4.81 40 in the combined, but there is a big difference between the straight line speed and the creation of pocket space. A quarterback has to gain time early in his career in the NFL before he learns to see the full picture. Their lack of ability to do so is a bit worrisome.

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