With Trump 2020 Message Hack Among Us, Developers Responded

among us Many ruined games have been hacked as a result of multiple players and a series of “TRUMP2020” messages appearing in players’ chats. Players first reported the hack earlier this week as it crashed their games and filled chat boxes with messages. The messages in question direct players to subscribe to a streamer channel with the Trump 2020 line linked at the end of the messages with a link. Developer Innersloth has since reacted to the issue saying that it is working on a fix.

Innersloth released an “emergency server update” this week focusing on the issue, which kicked people off the game in the process, but the problematic hack has continued regardless. Players are still seeing the messages above and other instructions from the hacker are visible in their games. Innersloth encouraged people To play private games or only play with people among whom you trust to avoid any problems.

The tweet above shows what it looks like whenever you find yourself in a hacked game. Instead of leaving players at the normal start of a game, the screen goes black, and when you check the messages, you will see a spam one time. As with any such type of malicious hack, security issues can have potential consequences from being in these hacked lobbies, so if you load up and find yourself in one of these, So it is best to just leave it.

among us Developer Forrest Willard commented on the problem on Twitter about why players didn’t start the update as quickly as possible, instead of reporting the issue.

“other than this [noting] The reason I didn’t roll this update quickly is that I was scared of false positives: you can totally watch the game that you think you’re hacked when you’re not, ” Willard said. “I have tried my best to find such a bug, but this time my hand is forced.”

among us Currently available on PC and mobile platforms.


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