With nine starts, coach Blake Anderson became emotional after Kansas State’s upset over Arkansas State

Blake Anderson had to think so much about Saturday afternoon. His wife. her dad. His players. The condition of college football in 2020. One of the last topics on the mind of an Arkansas State coach was the betting line.

“That means some other people won some money, I guess,” Anderson said after his team upset Kansas State’s 35-31.

The Red Wolves entered the game on Saturday as 14-point underdogs according to the William Hill Sportsbook. The line went five points from Thursday night when it was -9 for Kansas State.

There may not have been a backlash to Arkansas State, the nine early losers due to COVID-19 and other injuries not announced by Anderson prior to the game.

Kansas State itself was without five of its two-deepest players; However, they were known to be absent.

Either way, a five-point move in such a short period of time is important.

“Huge,” said Sportsline gambling expert Kenny White.

“We’re keeping it very quiet at its end,” Anderson said of gameay inaction. “We need to respect the privacy of those who have been off the list. We certainly don’t want to have a lot of conversation about VVID testing. We’re doing what we need to do. Something People are going to be. That test is positive.

“[I assume] Someone heard something as the line ran on a daily basis. ”

This could be a new form of college football at the age of COVID-19. Surveys have shown that less than half of FBS schools are reporting COVID-19 positivity numbers within their athletic departments, mostly citing privacy concerns.

The state of Oklahoma and Missouri did not share information about the COVID-19 positive Saturday night. OU coach Lincoln Riley called it a “competitive advantage” if the opponent knew that the players tested positive.

Georgia Southern lost 33 players in its Saturday game against FCS Campbell, which the program deemed inactive. It was not clear what number, if any, those players were affected by COVID-19.

Arkansas State had two of its quarterbacks and WR Jonathan Adams on Saturday – and that was enough. Adams, a senior, caught a game-winning pass from Leyne Hatcher with 38 seconds left. Hatcher shared time with starter Logan Bonner.

At 6-foot-3, 220 pounds, Adams saw that he could start for any Power Five team. Adams is a local product of Jonesboro, Arkansas, who has caught eight passes for 98 yards and three touchdowns.

“He’s a hometown boy,” Anderson said. “He wasn’t going to leave Mama. He was going to play right here. We introduced him as a sophomore [in high school], And he pledged and never actually forgiven. ”

Adding to the embarrassment of Kansas State: Adams played with a brace on one knee due to a minor MCL tear.

Anderson admitted breaking into the locker room after the school’s biggest win since 2008, when he won at Texas A&M. His wife Wendy died last year after a long battle with cancer. His father died in May after a long battle with emphysema.

“I hate that he’s not here,” Anderson said. “My dad, too. He never missed football. I know he’s with me today. I broke up in the locker room a little bit. Thinking of how he missed it.”