With MacOS Big Sur, Apple succeeds where Microsoft fails with Windows 8

When most people think of Apple these days, products like the iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch are probably the first things that come to mind. Through these mobile platforms, Apple has made a lot of sense through Google as well as its Android mobile operating system, fundamentally changing the way people interact with technology on a daily basis.

Although laptops are not going anywhere, no matter how many weird commercials Apple is asking about what a computer is, there is certainly a lot to be said about finding ways to melt the user experience between these various devices. Can.

This has been tried before with both Windows 8 and ChromeOS – with mixed results in terms of usability. However, it is with macOS 11 Big Sur that Apple may have cracked the code. This is due to the new design elements of the update and part of the Mac Catalyst, which will essentially bring every iOS and iPadOS app to the Mac.

This is still how you will use macOS (Image Credit: Future)

Trying to tear the walls

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