Wisconsin absentee ballot-counting extension approved by federal appeals court

Democrats have won one in Wisconsin after a new ruling was released Tuesday night that would allow a multi-day extension for mail-in ballot counting.

The 7th Circuit US Court of Appeals upheld a lower court ruling on Tuesday that would allow ballot papers to be postponed until Election Day, until they are received by 9 November.

However, the ruling can be appealed.

Democrats have argued that denying extensions to the counting of votes during an epidemic may prevent some voters’ rights, but Republicans argue that voters have too much time to receive and mail their ballots.

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“Neither group says the new deadline set by the district court would violate the constitutional rights of any of their members,” the ruling said. “Political organizations are not hurt by the decisions themselves.”

The extension was temporarily halted by an appeals court over the weekend, which meant that ballots would have to be received by 8 pm by election night in the battlefield

The state expects three times more mail-in ballots than in typical election cycles, with estimates that about 2 million people may vote with absentee ballots.

Tuesday’s ruling was issued from the court that President Trump’s Supreme Court Judge Amy Connie Barrett is currently acting, but was not involved.

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Fox News’ Bill Myers contributed to this report.

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