Wireless charging dream in the air with the rollable Oppo X

Oppo has introduced a new wireless charging solution that works when a phone is up to 10 cm (3.9 inches) away from a charging pad. The company has showcased its Wireless Air Charging technology in a 30-second clip on its Weibo page to coincide with MWC Shanghai. The clip shows the Oppo X 2021 roll-up phone concept, announced in November, charging over the pad, even when held at an angle. The technology offers charging speeds of up to 7.5W, says Oppo.

The Chinese manufacturer is the latest to announce a truly wireless air charging solution, following the taunts from Xiaomi and Motorola earlier this year. In January, Xiaomi announced the Mi Air Charge technology, which it says can charge multiple devices at 5W “within a radius of several meters.” The next day, XDA Developers reported on a demonstration by Motorola that showed one of its phones charging within 100 cm (40 inches) of a charger.

At 10 cm, Oppo’s technology reach is more limited than Xiaomi’s competition, Android Authority grades. The presenter of the video makes a very deliberate effort to hold the phone directly on the charging pad. However, charging is shown to work even when the phone is slightly tilted over the wireless charger and while playing a video.

Honors like this are academic at the moment, as none of these technologies have been released in commercial products. Xiaomi has confirmed that its tech won’t be ready for launch this year, and the roll-up phone that Oppo used for its demo also doesn’t have an official launch date.

In addition to developing wireless chargers that work over longer distances, manufacturers are also working to speed up standard wireless charging. Xiaomi is developing an 80W wireless charging solution, which it announced just a few months after Oppo revealed its own 65W wireless charging technology.

Updated February 23 at 6:53 am ET: Updated with the official name of the charging solution and more details.

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