Winners and Losers Week 10 vs Broncos

The Las Vegas Raiders are riding high after ten weeks of football. He played his first home game in two weeks and went on to win the Denver Broncos 37-12 with his biggest win since Week 2, 2017. The victory saw the Raiders win in a big divisional matchup against the Kansas City Chiefs at 6-3. .

The Raiders offense continues as ongoing games come to the forefront of crime. The Raiders ran the football with 203 yards on 41 carries, leading to four runs. The passing offense struggled to move the ball that day with three drops, which could have led to a touchdown. However, there was no turning back from the offense, and Derek Carr continued to use his legs to make plays.

The defense had a season-high performance, leading the Broncos to 4.6 yards per game. He also made 5 turnovers, all in total all season, and the pressure was on the quarterbacks to make turnovers with two sacks on the day. The Raiders forced Drew Lock to throw four interceptions on the day and forced a fumble that led to openings in the game. If the Raiders can have this type of defensive performance as we go forward, they can be a playoff contender in the true sense.

Who were the winners and losers for week 10? We should check it

Winner: RB Josh Jacobs

The running game was the focal point of this offense as the Raiders dominated the ground. One of the main contributing players was second-year student Josh Jacobs, who finished with his best game of the season. We are starting running back from 2019.

Jacobs finished the game with 21 carries, 112 yards and two touchdowns on the day. He scored the longest run of the year from 24 yards and saw the elusive breaking tackle. He performed a tight arm on the day and always contributed to the passing game, with four catches for 24 yards.

Jacob coming into the game right now is very important for the playoffs as the Raiders can lean on him late in the game. He has 306 yards in the last three games and has a hot hand in this offense. The Raiders’ games look worthy in the game against the Chiefs.

Winner: FS Jeff Heath

Fans of the Raiders are looking for a competent safety game throughout the season, with Abram constantly being the player in the back end. Sunday ended in a different form as the Raiders got a big day off Jeff Heath with their two oppositions. Heath remains surprised by his ability to make turnovers.

In the first quarter, Heath started with a pick on an incorrect pass from the lock that went right into his hands. He then followed it up with a major interception just before the half that prevented the Broncos from scoring in the red zone. He read the slant well thoroughly and broke down on the football to take the pass and help the Raiders hold up to 12 points on the day.

Hopefully, this can be repeated throughout the season as the Raiders need more of these performances from the back end. Heath is up and down, but he understands the system and can be important as a playwright down the stretch.

Winner: RB Devanathe Booker

The running game was dominating all game, and it was not just Josh Jacobs succeeding on the ground. Devonte Booker came in to play against his former team, and he is going to have a great start with Jacobs in the backfield.

Booker was tremendous in his limited duties with 15 carries and 81 yards plus adding two touchdowns on the day. Booker has been decisive in the hole all season and displays great vision as a power forward. He is helping to take this offense to another level with his performance in the last two matches.

If Jacobs and Booker dominate the ground during playoff time, this offense could actually make some noise. The passing game has not been as explosive as possible, but with this race itself is considered one of the best in the league.


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